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     The materials in the module are carefully chosen to work with Covenant Home’s well respected kindergarten. The choices and possibilities for a pre-school program being endless, at Covenant Home we have targeted only those areas which will best prepare the three-or four-year-old for an academic kindergarten.

Included in your kit are the following books, many additional items, plus a Day-by-Day schedule:

Get Ready for Kindergarten Readiness skills

Targeting readiness skills this pleasant workbook provides activities to develop visual perception, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and patterning, necessary for success in reading and writing.


• I Can Write — The "How-To" of letter formation

     Learning to form letters requires the development of fine motor skills. I Can Write provides just the right amount of practice in tracing and eye-hand coordination before each letter is taught. Students will learn the ball-and-stick method of penmanship.

Phonological Awareness Fun! — Identifying sounds through rhythm and poetry

     Research and experience tell us that children are most likely to be successful in reading and writing a word if they’ve had repeated experiences with hearing and saying the individual sounds within the word.

     The rhythm and rhyme of poetry and music make them ideally suited to providing these experiences. The brevity of words, rhythmic language, and frequently occurring rhyming patterns encourage ears to listen and tongues to repeat the sounds and words.

     The book Phonological Awareness Fun will provide you with many such songs and verses that target the sound of each consonant and short vowel in a way that is meaningful, interesting, and enticing. Accompanying many of the songs are games and activities to delight your child and prepare him for reading.

Phonics K — Letters and sounds of the alphabet

     This beautiful workbook will provide activities and worksheets to enhance the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning of consonants and short vowels.

     Through pictures students will distinguish shapes and objects to prepare them for identifying the letters of the alphabet; they will engage in activities to advance their motor skills, preparing them to form letters. And finally, they will learn the correct strokes to form ball-and-stick letters.

     A set of alphabet picture flashcards is included.

Hands-On Math — Beginning steps in math

     Children will delight in working with manipulatives and making their own creations as they learn math. Readiness math skills include such concepts as: tracing, sorting, big and small, long and short, heavy and light, one-to-one correspondence, pairs, sets, order, time, counting, and measuring.

     In addition to all this, they will learn visual discrimination of numbers and how to write numbers up to ten.

• My ABC Bible Verses — Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts

     Twenty-six short and easily-read chapters in My ABC Bible Verses help children find out more about God.

     Keyed to the alphabet, most verses are about how we practice what we believe. The stories remind the child of his need for the Holy Spirit to give grace to obey.

• Why Can't I See God? Audio CD —Teaching Little Children BIG Truths from the Bible 

     Twenty beautifully arranged songs written and recorded by Judy Rogers.  Music which melodically teaches the great and all-encompassing truths of God's Word.

Additional items:

  • Day-by-Day scheduling
  • Number flashcards
  • The Little Alphabet Dot-to-dot Book
  • Why Can't I See God? Audio CD
  • Fun with Shapes stencils
  • Sentence strips
  • First crayons
  • Pre-school scissors
  • Pencil
  • Painted eyes
  • Spotted feathers
  • Sidewalk chalk


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