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Covenant Home Diagnostic tests

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Diagnostic Testing is designed to show you the academic readiness of your children, and make it easier for you to change curricula without worry.

After home schooling for a year or two, would you like to know how your children are doing in comparison with their former classmates? Would you like an objective, outside, but confidential opinion?

We still live in the real world and we have to meet standards. Most homeschoolers are doing well and are excelling in those areas in which their parents want them to excel, but it is reassuring to know for sure where they stand.

Covenant Home Diagnostic tests enable you to get an accurate reading on grade level in the two main academic areas of math and language.

Conscientious parents increasingly welcome an objective measurement of their effectiveness as well as of their children's progress, even if they began with kindergarten.

Another problem solved by our Covenant Home Diagnostic testing series is the putting aside of fears involved in changing curricula. Covenant Home Diagnostic tests effectively remove the uncertainty about how your child will do in a new and better program. After using the old material for two or three years, families now have a tool with which to "shoe horn" their children into a superior curriculum with predictable results.

The tests are easy to administer and are promptly returned by our experienced staff. Results are explained thoroughly and in easily-understood language.

The series has been developed by the Covenant Home Curriculum staff. It is partially patterned after the SAT national standards and grade levels so as to insure the accuracy and objectivity of the results. Standards are also based on curriculum levels established in Warriner's English Grammar and Composition, published by Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc. (1959).

The subject matter of the tests is Math and English. The English portion includes grammar usage, punctuation, sentence structure, diagramming, reading comprehension, and spelling. The math portion begins with counting and simple computation in kindergarten and progressively builds through algebra and geometry in the high school grades.

    • Your purchase includes the grading and evaluating service of the Covenant Home Curriculum staff.
    • Maintenance of an objective testing program will provide you with the following valuable benefits:
      1. An objective and confidential evaluation of your children's academic progress and standing.
      2. Convincing and respected evidence for officials of your state who may scrutinize your home teaching and curriculum.
      3. A standard of comparison by which you will be enabled to make curriculum changes with confidence and ease.
Note: The Covenant Home Diagnostic test is available for purchase at $30.  The fee includes the evaluation and recommendation by experienced Covenant Home staff members.  These tests should not be confused with the CHC test sets included in each level of material.  Priority postage will be added to international orders only.
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