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World History Module, 3rd Ed. – 10th Grade

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World History, 3rd ed., helps your student see historical events from Creation to the present in the light of God's Word.  This updated edition features new first and last chapters, many new photographs and feature boxes, greater Bible integration, and additional questions designed to enhance Bible integration and higher-order thinking skills.  It emphasizes the church, politics, economics, science, and fine arts in historical context.  The activity manual is included in the text.

Items Included in the ALTERNATE Tenth Grade World History Module:

  • World History, 3rd ed., textbook with Student Activities Manual (in two volumes)
  • World History, 3rd ed., teacher’s edition to the textbook (in two volumes)
  • CHC History Overlay, 3rd ed.
  • BJP test set with answer key
  • Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for the module



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