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Full Curriculum - 12th Grade

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Goals of the Twelfth Grade Full Curriculum: 
The final hurrah!  Your child is almost finished with high school and will have many stories to tell about all the challenging courses.  The twelfth grade language program is concluded with an exciting, insightful and enjoyable look at six of Shakespeare's plays, in which the student learns to recognize and appreciate their many biblical themes.
In Bible, students do an in-depth study of the law of God as it applies in today’s society and as His directive for Christian leadership in the world. (Alternates are available including extensive doctrinal, catechetical, or historical studies.)  The history worktext teaches the principles of civil government according to the Holy Scriptures.  Students will be required to write two position papers of considerable length. Science follows Apologia's track, with four options available - Human Anatomy, Advanced Chemistry, Marine Biology, or Advanced Physics. (See print catalog or call for prerequisites.) In math Saxon Calculus treats all of the topics normally covered in an Advanced Placement AB-level calculus program, as well as many of the topics required for a BC-level program. Math for the College Boards is also available. (Math courses may be selected according to the student’s need and ability.)

Included in the Full Twelfth Grade Curriculum:

  • Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for Twelfth Grade
  • CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*
  • CHC Grading Masters* (grades 5-12)
  • CHC Grade 12 Course Blueprint packet 

Items Included in the Twelfth Grade Language Curriculum:

Items Included in the Twelfth Grade Bible Curriculum:


Items Included in the Twelfth Grade History Curriculum:

Items Included in the Twelfth Grade Science Curriculum:

  • The Human Body - Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! includes student textbook 
  • Solutions and test booklet with Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for the module
  • Anatomy coloring book 

Also available:  Human Body Companion CD-Rom

          OR ALTERNATE:

          OR ALTERNATE:


Items Included in the Twelfth Grade Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Saxon Calculus, 2nd ed., includes student book, Home Study Packet and blueprint 

          Also Available:  Saxon Calculus Solutions Manual 

          OR ALTERNATE:

  • Consumer Math, 2nd ed., student textbook and teacher's edition (two volumes) 
  • Consumer Math, 2nd ed., test set and answer key  
  • Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for the module
A $15.00 tailoring fee is included in the alternate price.  To avoid this fee, you may order by individual module instead.
*A full curriculum bonus!

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