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Full Curriculum - 4th Grade

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Goals of the Fourth Grade Full Curriculum: 
Grammar is a major focus of fourth grade. Students are introduced to all eight parts of speech and diagramming. Covenant Home’s Grammar Activity booklet accompanies the Language Roundup worktext, reinforcing the concepts through interesting stories and exercises. Our Handbook of Grammar Rules is keyed to both text and Grammar Activities. Several interesting readers are scheduled in the Day-by-Day, along with a children's version of The Odyssey, which is integrated with the study of ancient Greece. The Note-Taking/Book Report Guide continues to be of major importance in the intermediate grades.  We really do encourage the reading of good literature in every possible way.

A new series of Bible studies is begun. Students return to the Old Testament studying creation through King Saul. Parents report that they are able to use this text with many levels of learners, and they, too, are blessed and challenged by the thorough lessons. Math focuses on long division.  Students will study flight and animal classification, birds and bats in science, as they begin to understand why these incredible creatures point to our Creator God.  One feature of our fourth grade which has been well received is the study of Ancient Greece through the Famous Men series. We have made these materials much more complete and easier to use through our Day-by-Day scheduling, our FM of Greece Quarterly Test Set and Covenant Home’s History Overlay.

Included in the Fourth Grade Full Curriculum:

  • Day-by-Day Scheduling Guide for Fourth Grade.
  • CHC Preceptor CD-Rom*
  • CHC Grading Masters* - (grades 1-4)
  • CHC 4th Grade Course Blueprint packet 

Items Included in the Fourth Grade Language Curriculum:

  • Language Roundup 4, includes student book, teacher's edition and blueprint 
  • Grammar Activity Booklet and answer key, includes tests for use with Language Roundup 4
  • Grammar Handbook for use with Language Roundup 4
  • SRA Spelling, includes student book (level 5), teacher's manual and blueprint (2002 edition) 
  •  Hans Brinker, student reader
  • Hans Brinker study guide
  • God Made Them Great, a student reader with study guide/quizzes 
  • Illustrated short classics with Classic Critique study guides, including Pride and Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities or two alternate titles 
  • CHC Note-taking Guide and Book Report Form 
  • Penmanship E, includes student book and blueprint 

Items Included in the Fourth Grade Bible Curriculum:

  • Show Me Thy Ways (4), includes book, student workbook with key
  • CHC test set and blueprint 

Items Included in the Fourth Grade History Curriculum:

Items Included in the Fourth Grade Science Curriculum:

  • Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day textbook 
  • Zoology 1 CHC Quarterly test set with answer key 
  • Peterson Birds Field Guide coloring book


  • BJP Science 4, 3rd ed., includes student text  with answer key to text, BJP test set with answer key, a science supplemental reader, and daily scheduling for the subject.

Items Included in the Fourth Grade Math Curriculum:

  • MCP Mathematics Level D, 2005 ed., includes student book , teacher's manual  and blueprint  


  • Saxon 5/4, 3rd ed., includes softbound student text, tests and worksheets, solutions manual and blueprint
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*A special full curriculum bonus!

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