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Full Curriculum - Kindergarten

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Goals of the Kindergarten Full Curriculum:  CLICK for Samples
To read phonetically is our primary goal. Confident readers are confident students in other subjects. Therefore, in grades K-2, Covenant Home devotes considerable time to thorough instruction in phonics and the application of phonics rules to reading and spelling. Using a blending approach, students are taught to read one- and two-vowel words in the kindergarten year. A complete phonics manual supplies the parent with all the words to say. Instruction includes activities for visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods of learning. The ball-and-stick method of penmanship instruction is used. Vowel-combination charts provide the tools for what children of this age love to do - memorize!

Accompanying our excellent Bible history book, which covers the wonderful truths of Creation and early Bible history, are the Hiding God's Word coloring sheets, which enhance the Scripture memory program. A love of poetry is fostered in kindergarten as well. An Historical coloring book and a beginning science reader enrich the program. Children are introduced to the concepts of money, time, addition, and subtraction in math.

Included in the Kindergarten Full Curriculum:

Items Included in the Kindergarten Language Curriculum:

Items Included in the Kindergarten Bible Curriculum:

Items Included in the Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum:

*Items Included in the Kindergarten History Curriculum:

  • George Washington includes coloring book and blueprint with instructional materials

*Items Included in the Kindergarten Science Curriculum:

*A Special Full Curriculum Bonus!


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