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The curriculum will be different, but that's not always a bad thing. The science for grade 5 is zoology 2. While it's ideal to do zoology 1 before 2, it's not necessary. Each book can stand on its own. What will be very noticeable in science, however, is the way the book is written. A Beka uses a traditional approach to science, skimming the surface of a lot of different subjects. The zoology books focus on just one aspect of the world (in the case of Zoology 2, it's swimming creatures). This may seem strange, but it really does help the student see that they are not learning all there is to know about science - just delving more deeply into one area. My children who have used these particular books really enjoyed them. The books from the publisher of the zoology series are written more conversationally to the student - not like a traditional text. These books lead well into the science books for middle and high school from the same publisher. As a bit of an aside, when I did this book with my son, we used the course website included with the book to find a link to a site tracking a certain type of whale. It turned into a science and geography lesson - and was quite memorable!

> My daughter had been using the A Beka curriculum at our Christian school. If we switch now (starting grade 5) will she have trouble with the different curriculum (specifically science)?

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