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> I am working with my first child on the kindergarten curriculum and am a bit concerned about the lack of Science and Social Studies in the curriculum. The only thing that comes with this is a George Washington coloring book with five lesson outlines. As a former public school teacher this makes me very anxious. However I am covinced that classical education is better for my children, I just don't have much experience with what it should look like. I have been adding additional science and social studies lessons on my own, especially after looking at the recomened grading/evaluation guide. Just wondering if that's what is expected. Is there a seperate science and social studies curriculum that I was supposed to use to supplement the main kindergarten curriculum?

I used this kindergarten curriculum for my 3 children and loved it for it's strong emphasis on phonics and reading! I was content with the GW coloring book for history. I chose historical books for their reading level when coloring book was finished. I found great science experiments and readers at book stores, online and my kitchen sink. I did at least one science experiment each week. Social studies, like history and science just added in naturally with books and when there was a good opportunity to teach that teachable moment. I really like the Behold the Beauty Art book....did you get one? It is pricey, but soooo worth it!

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