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> Has anyone used the grade auditing service this year? I am considering Covenant Home for my oldest who will be in 9th grade this fall. I am wondering if the auditing service is worth the cost versus what one might pay for an accredited on-line program. I am not as concerned about an accredited program as I am getting some needed support during the high school years, including a professional-looking transcript. Sounds like Covenant Home might be able to provide this. Any thoughts?

We have used grade auditing for the past 4 years, and this year our son is graduating high school. I appreciated the transcript that the Odoms completed for him; Margaret Odom spent a lot of time on the phone with me to ensure that the finished transcript truly reflected our son's high school career (including online classes, extra curricular activities, etc.). I thought it was very professionally done and thorough. In addition, I am grateful that I did grade auditing because of the accountability that it afforded me. I am confident that the transcript that CHC sent out for us is a report that reflects how much our son accomplished in high school. I appreciated having Margaret's interest/support in all of this. In addition, I can't say enough about the support that I get from my grade auditor. She knows our family well and is able to give very helpful input. I would not have had the same positive experience through the high school years without her.

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