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Scott Granger

I am writing to see whether anyone else is having the same issue as we are. We paid CHC over $200 on 8/21 for a curriculum order, part of that figure being $30 for shipping. We received a confirmation e-mail that the order was received and do know that our account was charged accordingly. When I e-mail the contact e-mail addresses assigned to CHC, I get no response. When we call the long distance #, it has been disconnected (the site is dated in that regard), and the toll-free # is also problematic. I truly regret that this is happening, as the once great name of CHC is being tarnished. The least that customer service could do by way of basic service is to return an e-mail. When I check the status of my order via the website, it states "Submission." This is unacceptable, and the refusal to communicate is doubly so. Do any of you know what county and state that the HQ are located in? At this point I need to determine the jurisdiction in order to have some things checked into. I really do not want to do this, but feel that it has to happen as a last resort. I am also asking for a full refund.

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