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> Thanks, your post was very helpful.
> > > We are about to start Kindergarten with our middle child and noticed that the blue phonics book and the T.E. from Covenant Home are no longer included in the curriculum. Anyone know why this was taken out? I thought that it was what made Covenant's phonics program much stronger than other methods out there.
> >
> > Dear Sherri,
> > I just talked to my youngest (now in middle school) about her kindergarten experience. She recalls hating the blue phonics book, because it was "hard and boring and took a long time". She preferred the workbooks that were included. That being said, we don't always teach our children just what is easy, comfortable and fun. I think there was probaly a lot of value in that little book, since all of our children read well above grade level. However, the book is most likely out of print and not worth CHC'S effort to print "in house".
> > If you still have your copy of the book, you may try using it in conjunction with the phonics assignments listed on your day by day.

Dear Sherri,
I hope you start the new school year with a lot of enthusiasm. I have loved going through each year with each child,now my fourth, because I learn something new each year. Their individual personalities bring fresh vitality to the assignments, and by now I've learned to tell a valid reason from a lame excuse.

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