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> Are any of his speech topics things that relate to his schoolwork? Could one of his essays be replaced with a speech he's researching? "Double-dipping" really isn't a bad thing; just don't abuse it. Also, if things work out where CHC exists next year, maybe you should submit his NCFCA work for next year as a speech class elective. This has to be done before the school year starts, but maybe he could then get academic credit. I'm not sure if he can because I know nothing about NCFCA, but it would be worth discussing with the home office.
> > One of our children is heavily involved in speech tournaments with NCFCA at the moment. He is a little behind with his CHC schoolwork. Does anybody have any ideas of how to integrate what he's doing there with CHC?

Dear Laura,
Thank you for your helpful advice. We will be submitting one of his original speeches for his final exam for English. The assignment was to do one of a few suggested essays from the book or something else of his choosing. I had him correct some of the informal language that was acceptable in a speech, but would not be in written English.
Like everyone else, we're waiting for the word on how things are moving along for the fall.

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