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> Hi Suzy, We have done a lot with tennis, because my husband is a big tennis guy, but we have also done a great deal with independent sports. As a whole, our family is very active, and we enjoy being active together. The important thing is to keep a thorough diary of the activity and time spent. We have included hiking, biking, running, swimming, water-skiing, family soccer games, canoeing, etc. Some of the competitions that have been included in the PE journal are triathalons, running races, and tennis tournaments. For my husband and me, the most important aspect of PE is that our children are developing a life long habit of taking care of their bodies by being physically active and eating healthy food. We see so many middle aged folks watching their children's sporting events, but physically they are falling apart. We desire to mentor our children to be healthy far beyond high school, and it's so much fun doing it as a family. Hope this helps!
> > What have others used for P.E. that is not outrageously expensive or involve practices/games on the Lord's Day?

Dear Heidi,
Thank you for your helpful advice and your good example. Our oldest took karate for several years, but it's just not manageable right now. We need to put together a program that works for our family and carry it through.


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