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I just returned home from a camping vacation in which I had taken my HSLDA Court Report magazine. Reading through this particular issue, I became very aware of how important HSLDA is and the way that God is using this organization to protect homeschoolers here and abroad. Even though your child is young and you might live in a state which is favorable towards homeschooling, there are many fellow homeschoolers who are not in a good situation. and being a part of HSLDA helps protect school and parental freedoms for all. I read in this past issue that there are even grandparents who join the organization. So, this is a drawn out way of saying that membership in HSLDA is quite important from my perspective. And like Suzy mentioned, you can receive a discount from CHC. Hope this helps.

Hey everyone! I hope you can help me. I have been using the Covenant Home Curriculum for 3 years now with fantastic success. My oldest is only six years old. I was wondering; how important is it that I join the HSLDA right now? I guess I don't know enough about it.
> Eric

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