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Dear Helen,
I have found that keeping the consumables in their workbooks and putting looseleaf papers in a folder works well. I keep all of our current textbooks on a shelf with each child's books separated. However, finding something that really works for your family is a true joy.
> So girls I have been thinking about this question about workboxes. The workboxes basically asign a try to each subject and then the student works through the trays. This is an over simplified definition. Instead of workboxes which can be expensive, 3 ring binders could accomplish the same goal.
> In the elementary grades, most of the books are consumable. I am thinking have a 3 ring binder for each subject. Take the consumable books to the printer. They can insert the 3 wholes. For math put the book, daily practice book, and a pocket to hold extra supplies. Then everything is selfcontained.
> Helen

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