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I wonder if what you are remembering is that I used to do a 4-day week when I only had 3 or 4 children and they were quite young. I do recall years ago writing something on this message board pertaining to that schedule. It was something I did on my own apart from the day-by-day. I would do school 4 days/week, and then have a day off for errands, field trips, and park days. It was great!! I have been thinking recently that I would sure love to do that again, but I don't think I can make it happen with 8 children and jr.High/ High school. I could make it work for my younger children, and occasionally I do when I am planning a field trip for them, but as teacher, I need to involved for 5 days with the older kids. I trust that it might work for you, because it was a great schedule. God bless!

I recall reading somewhere that Covenant has an optional 4-day scheduling guide. Is this correct? If so, has anyone used it and how different is the daily workload? I have been using the 5 day for the last 3 years and am toying with the idea of a 4 day week. Thanks!

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