CoverCoverMCP Phonics K and A

Covenant Home's phonics/reading program is executed primarily through the Modern Curriculum Press Phonics materials, the Teacher's Resource Guides and their accompanying workbooks.  In kindergarten, students will use Phonics K and A which begin with sound to letter instruction, explicit instruction and practice in phonemic and phonological awareness, and sound to symbol relationships.  From there it moves to blending and decoding.  Concepts covered are: consonants, short vowels, long vowels, the r, l, and s blends, y as a vowel, digraphs th, wh, sh, ch, and kn, as well as some contractions.

Phonics workbooks K and A come with several sets of flashcards for use throughout the year - picture cards for learning the sounds of the letters, letter cards for drill and combining activities, and some high-frequency word cards.  The inside cover of the workbook lists the definitions and rules the student will learn in the course of the year.

The comprehensive Teacher's Resource guide includes visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities for different types of learners and a complete set of assessment tools.

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