CoverMCP Phonics B

First graders, using Modern Curriculum Press Phonics B will begin their year reviewing sound to letter instruction, practice in phonemic and phonological awareness, and sound to symbol relationships, this time with initial, medial, and final consonants and words within sentences.  Concepts covered are:  consonants, short and long vowels, hard and soft g and c, words ending in le, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, r-controlled vowels, contractions, inflectional endings, vowel pairs, vowel digraphs, and diphthongs.  In addition, they will be introduced to certain suffixes and prefixes; synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.

A single set of high-frequency word cards is included with Phonics Workbook B. A list of definitions and rules, a helpful reference tool for reinforcement and clarification, may be found on its inside cover. 

The comprehensive Teacher's Resource guide includes visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities for different types of learners and a complete set of assessment tools.

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