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B. DeLozier of Georgia 5/22/2007 3:03:30 PM EST
Amazingly it has been almost three years to the day since I wrote my last message. Since then we have moved to Georgia and my oldest child has graduated from High School. I thought it might be encouraging to those of you considering Covenant Home to hear what one CHC graduate achieved, academically speaking. My daughter scored a 1960 on her SATs, scoring over 600 in all three areas and scoring in the 94 and 96 percentiles in reading and writing. She applied to Covenant College and was awarded a Presidential Scholarship, an Academic Merit Scholarship, a Leadership Scholarship as well as other grant money. I attribute my daughter's academic success first to God and then to Covenant Home Curriculum. We have been with Covenant Home for 13 years now and I am as enthusiastic about it today as I was at the beginning. If you are looking for a parent friendly, well-rounded, academically superior program taught from a Biblical world view with a great support system, then I highly recommend that you seriously consider Covenant Home. May God grant you wisdom and discernment as you choose the curriculum that best meets the needs of your family. Sola Deo Gloria.

B. DeLozier, Carrollton, GA 1/20/2009 3:13:09 PM EST
We received our CHC catalog in the mail this weekend and I began thinking about how many years we have been receiving these catalogs.... 15 years and counting. How I thank God for Dale Dykema, Carry Post and the whole dedicated CHC staff for their faithfulness in bringing this truly excellent curriculum in the Reformed tradition to the homeschool marketplace. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Covenant Home through the years; they have become more like family than a company from whom I buy my curriculum. We have moved into five homes, been in three different ministries, been in three different states, lived on opposite sides of the country, yet we have always been able to stay on track academically thanks to the Day by Day planner. The Day by Day is so easy to use that as our kids grew they were able to use it as their own assignment book. My children always had the assignments, texts, activity sheets, workbooks, quizzes and tests, and answer keys ready to go even I wasn't. While I loved all of this, the most important reason we kept returning to CHC year after year was the success our kids were having with their studies. Their standardized test scores were always high and I knew from their ability to read, write, and analyze the impact the curriculum had on our children. Now it is a joy to see the success my eldest daughter is having at college and being able to directly attribute her success to the foundation she had with CHC. We look forward to a few more years of those catalogs arriving in our mailbox. Thanks again, Covenant Home Curriculum!

Bill H. - Bonita, CA 10/17/2008 2:56:54 PM EST
Dear Friends at Covenant Home, We have been with you for 15 or 16 years now. It has been a wonderful blessing. I think the strengths of the Covenant Home approach are 3: first, the rigorous and Biblical curriculum; second, the accountability of the grade auditor program; and third, the well laid out day by day schedule. We have found that by homeschooling our children, they have developed a discipline and maturity at a young age that is missing in most youth today. Here are some updates on our children: William is now a senior at SDSU and is still maintaining a 4.0 GPA average. He's majoring in Japanese, Spanish, and History. Last year he had the highest score of all the 1st year Japanese students and was awarded a prize from Kyocera Corporation. He's in the process of applying to attend a university in Japan next year. Linda recently won a prize in an essay contest sponsored by Fundamental Presbyterian Publications. The topic of the essay was "Explain one of the Shorter Catechism questions that deals with the subject of Creation. Edward is teaching Tae Kwon Do and taking AP Computer Science online. Heís also very busy with his eBay business, president of the youth group at church, and a gifted graphic artist and video producer. Sarah has turned into a math wiz and is able to do all of her math in her head, but we still insist it be written down. She struggles with strabismus and double vision at times and will be having surgery soon. It is clear that without homeschooling she would not be as far advanced as she is.

Craig Johnson - South Africa 11/18/2008 4:12:27 PM EST
We have been using CH for the past two years now and cannot express enough gratitude in both content and presentation of the curriculums. My children have shown vast improvements in their general knowledge and developmental skills. We find that the curricula content to be interesting and well presented making for easier and healthier learning. Comparatively to South African schooling standards, the CH curricula is of a much higher standard. Thank you the CH staff for your professionalism and product range.

Dale Dykema 2/2/2012 1:04:31 PM EST
My staff and I have always gotten most of our pay in the form of working with really great homeschooling families. In our recent efforts to close the business after 30+ years we were further amazed by several strong and godly families that thought highly of CHC and wanted to take over and keep the company going. This was a tough and demanding idea. It was more costly in time and money than most people think. Some plans had to be abandoned. Lots of research and prayer just about wore us out, but amid the ebb and flow of everything we realized how very much the Lord blessed. Now, I am very thankful to say we do have a new owner, a surprise candidate who found us in Godís wonderful Providence! The company has been acquired by Mr and Mrs James M. Odom of Sparta, IL. An attorney by profession, a diligent Christian by faith, Mr Odom, in the past, has worked with Dr. James Dobson and Focus On The Family. Now he will take over at Covenant Home with new energy and enthusiasm. I thank all of you who prayed with and for us during recent months. Iíve been so impressed by all that you are doing in your covenant homes, rearing a generation of young people who will be able to build Godís Kingdom and establish a compelling witness for Him in the earth.

H. Harlow 12/10/2008 2:31:42 PM EST
This past weekend my husband and I had the wonderful privilege of visiting our freshman daughter at college. This was our first visit since dropping her off in August and tearfully making the 500 mile trek back home. Of course we talk with her almost daily, but this was the first time to see her in action, chat with her friends, attend class and chapel with her, and listen to her college orchestra concert. We had an incredible time together. At the end of her Adv.Composition class, which we had attended with her, I asked her where she wished she had been better prepared academically. She thought a moment and then replied, " The transition between home and college has been so smooth. I don't know what Covenant Home could have done that would have been better." Both her Adv. Composition and Linguistic professors have commented on her grammar skills and how highly unusual it is for a freshman to be so strong grammatically. And then there was the freshman Bible course which she was able to test out of because of the strength of CHC's Bible curriculum. It is not just the courses she had in high school which prepared her, but rather the whole picture of excellence which CHC fosters. For example, I don't know if I ever would have thought of requiring outlining and note-taking had it not been for the guidance I have received from CHC. And our grade auditor has been a source of help and encouragement throughout high school. I am very grateful and humbled by the Lord's daily mercies and lovingkindnesses which are evident every day as I homeschool my children, and for a great curriculum, and for the way the Lord works despite my many weaknesses to train and accomplish His will in the lives of my children. Now that we have graduated our oldest with CHC, I realize the huge strength that this curriculum has been for us, and I am very thankful.

K. Chan 1/1/2009 2:19:43 PM EST
I just wanted to say how thankful my husband and I are for Covenant Home's strong Bible curriculum. Today, my oldest daughter, Hayleigh, approached me after completing her personal devotions this morning. Her devotions book was a gift from one of her best friends, and it was written by Susie Shellenberger. Anyway, Hayleigh was explaining the devotion, and how it was a "Letter from God" to the individual reading it. Hayleigh then proceeded to show me several spots in the text where there appeared to be a strong Arminian tone. Some of them were: "But, my child, I need ALL of you. I won't force you to give me your life. I love you too much to control your decisions, but I yearn for you to trust me with your all." "You can't earn [salvation through Jesus Christ], and you can't buy it. I simply want to give it to you. But again...I won't force you to accept it. You have to make that decision on your own. Please choose to follow me, my child. I love you more than life itself..." To my surprise, Hayleigh had underlined and highlighted text in this devotion and written notes next to each one that she disagreed with. Two of them were: "If we [true Christians] are part of God's Elect, then no, he doesn't have to force us to make the right decisions because the desire to have His will to take place in our lives will have spilled over into every area of our lives. In addition, the Holy Spirit will convict you on things that are sinful or wrong." "No one can make the decision to follow Christ on their own. He works through others and the Holy Spirit to receive those he has chosen." We have homeschooled her with CHC from the beginning, and my husband and I knew that she was receiving an excellent education (most especially in Bible), but never would I have imagined she would have learned this much. I am not trying to boast on our daughter, but to commorate CHC on providing covenant children with the best Reformed education out there. Blessings, Kym :D

K. Chan 4/11/2008 2:28:01 PM EST
Covenant Home has truly been a blessing in our homeschooling journey! Even without grade auditing, our children made advances in their studies that I never thought possible. My eldest daughter received a perfect score on her SAT and ACT, and took AP exams for Calculus, Chemistry, American Literature, and Spanish language & culture -she recieved perfect scores on those as well! Thank you so much for your structure, thoroughness, classical approach, and reformed Christian worldview. Keep up the excellent work!

Leslie M. Keener 8/5/2009 2:13:39 PM EST
I wanted to comment and say how thankful I am for the CHC program, our auditor and the CHC staff for helping us ensure that our daughter received a very well grounded (as well as rounded) education. She grew up with a different sort of learning challenge and was just not able to learn much of anything in a traditional school setting. We decided to home school her in the last 3 years of high school and are so very pleased with how much this curriculum has taught her in these 3 short years. Without this program, she never would have learned the math skills she now has, she never would have been able to write a composition, or have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Godís Ten Commandments, science and government. She also would not have read the books that we read for her literature requirements. It wasnít easy for her, but she worked very hard and met the requirements. Not only did she learn, but she gained so much confidence in herself and was able to develop, work towards, and achieve some personal goals. We also really enjoyed working through the curriculum together and had many hours of truly blessed quality time with each other. She put in a lot of hours of hard work Ė but it always proved to be well worth it. All of the subject requirements and experiments were so well put together that it truly made learning fun. Her application, acceptance and enrollment to her choice of college went so smoothly, that it has continued to support her enthusiasm for the next level of her education. Thank you CHC and your program for blessing us, and for enabling my daughter to learn and to begin working towards her dream of a college education!

Leslie Schutz 4/24/2007 1:14:47 PM EST
My son David began using CHC in 10th grade. It provided just the amount of oversight and organization that we needed. We worked closely with our auditor, Ruth Green, who was very professional. David graduated in June, 2006, at the age of 16. In January of his senior year, he took the SAT and scored a 1530/2240 (800 Reading, 730 Math, and 710 Writing). He took three SAT subject tests and received a combined score of 2280. We have no doubt that the classical approach to learning incorporated into a homeschool curriculum prepared him well to meet the challenges at his university of choice (to which he was accepted two weeks ago) - Princeton. A big thanks to CHC and its wonderful staff. With oversight and rigorous curriculum such as CHC provides, a homeschooler can realize his/her academic dreams.

Linda Westermann 3/6/2009 2:50:15 PM EST
This is our 22nd year of homeschooling...and our last! I'm so pleased that part of our homeschool experience has included CHC. The staff has been very responsive and helpful whenever I've called upon them, for both the predictable and the unusual requests. They are very organized, very capable and very thorough. And they also genuinely care about their homeschool students and families and do everything in their power to meet their academic needs. I also love the materials they select for course work. It's exactly what I was looking for and hoped for. Thank you so much CHC for everything! Your services and materials have been a tremendous benefit to our homeschool. May God continue to bless you in this excellent and needed work. Linda Westermann

Louise Stadler 7/9/2007 2:36:30 PM EST
We have been using CHC for 2years now, and what a pleasure. My children get a good biblical foundation plus a very good academic standard. The only problem that I am experiencing is that the South-African Education Department does not recognise it. Well my twins are only in Gr 1 and by the time they graduate hopefully that has changed. Keep up the good work. Louise Stadler South-Africa

Nicole Taylor 9/16/2008 3:40:27 PM EST
I would like to thank the staff at Covenant Home for providing an academically and spiritually challenging curriculum for our family. We have been homeschooling for 14 years, with CHC from the very beginning. Our eldest daughter, Virginia, has received several scholarships and will be attending Bethany College of Missions this fall. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the rigorous curriculum and the challenging courses that you provide. God Bless you in all that you do.

Ruth Gunnett 6/21/2010 2:18:41 PM EST
I have begun the adventure and blessing of homeschooling my children. I was homeschooled, and was blessed to have had my entire homeschool education through Covenant Home. My parents selected Covenant Home for many reasons, first and foremost it was because of the Reformed approach to the Bible teaching, as well as the "all subject matter points to God" approach to each and every aspect of our education. The classical curriculum, attention to detail, day-by-day planner and the high expectations were also reasons to select Covenant Home. I have already taught my daughter (she just turned 4 )the Covenant Home preschool ciruculum and plan on providing her (and our next child..due any day now) entire school education using Covenant Home. I would also like to mention that I now reside in New York State and this state has a lot of paperwork, etc to file to homeschool and though research I have found that Covenant Home's organized approach, day-by-day planner, blueprints and over all subject matter will make filing the necessary paperwork easy and cover all the requirements for the state! What a huge blessing! I have also been proud to recommend Covenant Home to many friends. My best friend switched to Covenant Home 2 years ago and is so happy she did, she is now education her 5 covenant children with Covenant Home Cirriculum! I look forward to my journey of homeschooling my children and being able and confident in providing them with a GREAT education using Covenant Home!

Sarah Henke 6/11/2010 2:55:22 PM EST
I am beginning my second homeschool journey, this time as the teacher and I am looking forward to the great resources CHC provides. My parents chose CHC for me because of the it's classical approach to education, the very strong foundational emphasis of the Saxon math and also for the lesson plans that were in great detail and saved them so much time and effort. All these same reasons have me looking at CHC for my children.

Sharon McCrina 5/22/2009 2:45:08 PM EST
I have been homeschooling for over 16 years and discovered Covenant Home in 1997. I have used the full-grade level packages for several grades and many of the individual modules. Over the years I have occasionally tried other materials but have always returned to Covenant Home as nothing matches your Day-by-Days for planning. I particularly love the Bible materials and the Reformed perspective taught throughout the program. I am excited to see the new materials being produced and plan to continue using your program with my younger children still at home. Please know how grateful I am for this great service you provide and all the work that goes into it.

Stacey Carroll, Monroeville, AL 9/14/2010 2:13:23 PM EST
We are using the CHC curriculum for our sixth year and started when our oldest began Kindergarten. We have been able to reuse some of the materials with our younger children and have had great success with that. I love the daily planner and have been able to follow it so well each year. It is such a time saver since I am teaching three grade levels this year. We look forward to the years ahead and all that they will be learning.

Steve Lustig 2/5/2008 5:01:56 PM EST
We find your cirriculum very commendable. Our oldest daughter just finished her eighth year using Covenant Home and will soon begin the high school years. It is refreshing to see how her knowledge, skills, and maturity surpass her peers in the public school system. I believe much of the credit belongs to the content and layout of Covenant Home. We have other homeschooling friends and find their cirricula lacks unity and vision. It seems to reflect in the attitude of their students. Keep up the good work.

Suzy Florez 5/23/2007 2:53:38 PM EST
We have been using Covenant Home Curriculum for 11 years, and now our oldest is halfway through his senior year. We have had our ups and downs with all four of our children, but I think that would be true no matter what curriculum we decided to use. Our dear children are sinners, and so are we. We have really appreciated the thoroughness of the curriculum,especially Bible. Even in kindergarten, there is plenty of time in God's Word. Oh, how we need that!

Suzy Florez 4/23/2007 2:27:59 PM EST
We have been using CHC since our oldest was in 1st grade. He has just been accepted to Baylor, with Presidential and Achievement scholarships amounting to $40,000 so far. We have been so pleased with Covenant and plan to use it for another 11 years, when our "baby" will be ready to graduate. We are also excited that Alex has developed a sound Biblical worldview and will be able to defend his Reformed faith in a Baptist university.

Tammera Noble 11/5/2008 4:21:52 PM EST
We have recently used Covenant Home's preschool curriculum for our youngest son and had also used the kindergarden curricula for our three older sons. What a blessing to find such a God-centered, well-organized curriculum for our youngest of children! The replacement kits were very economical, and I was able to use the teacher's editions and hardcover books again and again. When I first started homeschooling, I felt unsure of where to begin (even a little scared!), but Covenant Home had everything laid out succinctly, and they were so helpful in answering any questions I had. The books were so bright and colorful, maintaining the attention of my preschooler plus challenging his little mind. It's such a blessing to see him growing in his learning at such a tender age, and I thank Covenant Home for providing excellent resources to help us in our homeschooling endeavor.

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