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A Bible Alphabet

A Bible Alphabet is a beautifully illustrated book that introduces very young readers to some of the great stories and characters from the Bible, including Noah and the ark, David and Goliath, and Daniel in the lions’ den.

** Grade levels:  Pre-K and K **

A Bible Alphabet Activity Book

This is the perfect compliment to the Banner of Truth book titled, A Bible Alphabet. This add-on activity book will engage your children as you read from A Bible Alphabet again and again, providing them with 26 large format tear-out sheets which young children will enjoy colouring, filling in the blanks, etc.

** Grade levels:  Pre-K and K **

Phonics Flat Fish

The Phonics Flat Fish come in a set of 54 interlocking foam fish, 9 each of 6 different colors.  Each fish:  measures 4" x 3" x 8mm thick, features a lowercase letter, consonant blend, vowel combination or word ending printed on one side, with a textured surface on the reverse, has an eye-hole for lacing.  Includes 2 laces with an activity sheet.  Especially good for kinesthetic learners!

** Grade levels:  Pre-K and K **


Number Flat Fish

The Numbers Flat Fish come in a set of 54 interlocking foam fish, 9 each of 6 different colors.  Packaged in a transparent plastic jar with screw-top lid and handle.  This unique set of foam fish is non-toxic and washable and allows young children to develop their number recognition skills through activities that involve matching numbers, names, and dots, plus patterning and sequencing.  An activity guide is also included.  Multi–level!

 ** Grade levels:  Pre-K — 1 **


The Work of His Fingers

A beautifully illustrated rhyming book in praise of God’s wonderful creation.

** Grade level:  Kindergarten **

The Copper Tin Cup — Supplemental Reader

Excellent reader for your 1st grader!  With simple, moving text by Carole Lexa Schaefer this story pays a special tribute to family legacy — speaks to all ages and generations.  Beautifully illustrated, The Copper Tin Cup might be used to inspire a child to inquire about family history.




Coin-Collecting For Kids

A colorful, kid-friendly book to introduce children to the lifelong hobby of coin collecting!

** Ages:  6 – 12 **


Behold the Beauty

Art opens our eyes to the beauty God has created all around us. Behold the Beauty is a treatment of art education from a Christian viewpoint.

The lessons teach the elements of art: line, shape, texture, color, value, and form, and include instruction in putting these elements together.

** For Kindergarten and 1st grade level **


2nd Grade Watching Nature Readers

This series takes a fascinating look at natural habitats. Each book explores one habitat and the many animals, birds, plants and insects that depend upon it for food and shelter. Hardcover.

** Buy one reader or a set of three readers of your choice.**


Marie Curie and Amadeus Mozart — Supplemental Readers

Cleverly illustrated books for boys and girls tell true stories about very unusual children, later recognized by the world as persons of genius.

But before everything else, they were children.  Like every child, they loved to play and use their imaginations.  Today's children will delight in reading these stories, while they are also introduced to children who grew up and changed our world.

** For 1st and 2nd grade level **


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