Five Points of Distinction:
Covenant Home Curriculum

Five important distinctives help to set Covenant Home Curriculum apart. In a crowded field CHC stands by itself as the leading choice, the preferred eclectic program for Reformed Christians.

  1. The Classical Approach
  2. Curriculum Tailoring Option
  3. Progress Discovery Test Sets
  4. Grade Auditing Service
  5. Reformed World View

1. The Classical Approach
Establishing a sound foundation in phonics, grammar rules, math facts and other basics during the elementary years is of utmost importance in giving a student the basis upon which to build. This means a fair emphasis on deductive learning at the start. Later more advanced aspects of the classical approach are introduced, some expansion into inductive methodology, Latin and etymology, encouragement in critical thinking in the light of Scripture, effective argument and inquiry, investigation and the effective communication of ideas.

Classical education also means the extensive use of proven literature, books that have mastered the test of time because they set forth eternal principles and substantial themes. It involves consideration of all the arts and how they connect with all of life.

2. Tailoring Option
Some children are not learning every subject on level. This is a fact of life. Many are behind in reading or math. Quite a few never were taught the principles of phonics or grammar. Inductive methodology, used too early, has often gotten children off to a shaky academic start.

Conversely, a few learn so quickly that we can scarcely keep up with them. They usually arenít ahead in every subject, but often present more of a complication than the weak student.

Covenant Home will tailor a curriculum to fit the specific needs of your child. Scholastic strengths will be encouraged and tested, while weaknesses will be understood and improved.Data for this procedure is obtained through counsel with you, the parent, and by use of our C.H.A.T. Diagnostic Testing Program.

3. Progress Discovery Test Sets
Knowing that quiz and test writing is one of the most demanding aspects of homeschooling we have provided complete test sets along with almost all curriculum subjects and levels. Ready-to-use test forms may be simply torn off their pads and handed to the student. Complete answer keys come with each pad of tests. Of course, parents can make their own adjustments, they may add to or take away from the test sets as they see fit.

4. Grade Auditing Service
Available to those who select it is a staff of the finest teachers and academic advisors in the field. Personal counsel, encouragement and important feedback is the meat of this part of the program. In the high school years this service is most important because it enables CHC, as an umbrella school, to issue grade transcripts and diplomas when it is appropriate.

Auditing has other benefits that are often very much appreciated by busy parents. The need to send in grading materials every 9 weeks helps to put the brakes on one of the occupational hazards of homeschooling, procrastination! Parents can augment their "clout" with outside help from the family contact at Covenant Home.

5. Reformed World View
This is the best and most weighty of the five strengths of Covenant Home Curriculum. Not as subtle as many Christians would think, the way in which we and our children look at history, the future, the arts and truth in general, affects our whole being.

Does the world belong to Satan? Is God only doing the "best He can" in running history? How are Christians able to have a significant effect in the world, in their jobs? What is God intending to accomplish in history? Is He like a fireman trying to put out everything that is ablaze, or is He truly a "Consuming Fire?" If God is sovereign, how are we to account for evil things that happen? Does His sovereignty have holes in it? Will the Church, Christís Bride, turn out to be largely a failure in history? How can Algebra 1 help me in my job; how can it help me be a better person?

Are Five Points Enough?
Additional features that stand out in the Covenant Home program shout to be mentioned. These include the importance of using a high quality eclectic curriculum, the eminently helpful Day-by-Day planners and our faithful, covenantal view of the family.

Eclectic Program
This aspect of curriculum is seen most easily by considering the superior strength of plywood. Strands from different sources layered together with powerful adhesives make for greater soundness. In a similar way the combined influences of many, filtered carefully by the biblical standard, present the most interesting and challenging educational model. Covenantís balance and textual choices have been copied by many and will work effectively for your children.

The broad base of this well constructed eclectic program delivers the most for your educational dollar. Another benefit is revealed by the fact that the highest percentage of children respond strongly to a classical, eclectic strategy. Its design enables most average students, even many poor students to do admirably, while still maintaining proper challenge for those atop the academic ladder.

Day-by-Day Planners
A special feature of Covenant Home is our popular daily planner. Every book for every course is scheduled in the Day-by Day. With this tool the parent has the entire year mapped out. Assignments, quiz and test dates, teaching aids and other information are listed on a 36-week register. Of course, if parents want to go faster or slow down, they can easily jot in the changes they wish. There is a separate planner for each grade level.

Covenantal View of the Family
God has instituted the family to bear responsibility for education. This means that the state has no jurisdiction in this sphere. Even the Church should only act in an advisory roll. CHC provides expertise and encouragement to conscientious, Christian families who want to carry out their holy obligation in the most discerning way possible. The CHC staff does not dictate policy. Rather, it publishes high standards and tries to help parents maintain order and productivity in the process.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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