Covenant Home Curriculum

The Name Of Home Schooling Excellence And Satisfaction.

What's In A Name?

Covenant means the initiating action of our sovereign God. He has ordained and established each covenant home, each family that is grounded in Christ. He has given the child that providentially is a part of that home. The covering and protection of the Lord is upon the members and endeavors of the covenant family in their striving to fulfill their responsibilities and meet their holy stewardship.

A Home that has been ordained and established by God is meant to resemble a tiny foretaste of heaven. When hearts are submitted to Christ and minds are fascinated by His Word there is bound to be hope and joy in the mix. Discipline also is necessary to rightly reflect God's love and good order.

The Curriculum that most plainly builds on these ideas will benefit the diligent covenant family. Using the "Classical Approach" to education, this full-orbed program begins by laying a thorough foundation in phonics, reading, math basics, history and science principles. Bible is taught from a covenantal standpoint, the Westminster Shorter Catechism is offered, as well as, excellent study guides that help to present a deep and discerning grasp of God's truth. The curriculum promotes the reading and study of the great literary works, etymology, Latin and other constituents of classical study. Finally, the ability to competently communicate soundly-based ideas is encouraged.

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