Covenant Home Curriculum compared to Calvert

Why have some experts compared Covenant Home and Calvert Curriculum?

Our curriculum has sometimes been compared to Calvert in a favorable light. This is because of our wide use of good classical literature, our special emphasis on grammar skills and etymology and the overall depth of our academic programs. Here the comparison is favorable enough. There are important differences, however, that should also be carefully noted.

Covenant Home provides a thoroughly academic Kindergarten curriculum. This includes the first phase of a four-year phonics program that enables the student to read at a high level before he enters first grade and ensures the ability to decode and understand new words. Calvert, by comparison, has only recently reintroduced a phonics program in Kindergarten, while their ongoing reading instruction only has a "phonics emphasis." Their reading materials require the student to learn a group of "sight words" in order to read
each assignment. Calvert’s approach to language is pretty much a "whole language" one with phonics as one aspect of the program.

Covenant Home presents science from a thoroughgoing biblical, Creationist perspective. We presuppose the revelation given to us in Genesis 1 and 2 and draw attention to God’s glory in creating all things by the Word of His power. Calvert presents science from a Humanistic, evolutionary standpoint.

Covenant Home books and materials become the property of the family. They can be reused with as many children as the family desires. Replacement packages are available for grades K through 8 and we work with our high school enrollees as closely as possible to tailor and supplement their programs, as well as to help save money. On this matter Calvert requires the family to sign a use agreement. Teacher’s guides must be sent back. Only one student may use each curriculum.

Covenant Home offers a complete curriculum in grades K through 12. Also, transcripts and diplomas are available through our Grade Auditing service. We have over the years had many a Calvert family join the Covenant Home family in Ninth grade since the Calvert curriculum is only carried in grades K through 8.

There are other differences, but these are a few of the most important ones. We think they constitute some of the most significant factors in making a curriculum choice for your children.

We don’t mind being compared to an old, established and well-respected program. We do want to emphasize the importance of the differences and to be sure they are noted.

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