“Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good who are accustomed to doing evil.” [Jer.13:23]

God, the sovereign profiler, has identified man as born in sin and habitual in his idolatry. Though he is known to go about wearing ingenious disguises his masquerade does little to conceal true identity. Just as with simple clothing, no mystery remains about how anyone looks. There is an understanding that we will cover over most of our bodies. In somewhat the same way, man energetically carries on his pretense, but God sees the bent and motive of the heart.

Of course the Lord, Himself, sewed the first pants and skirts in the Garden, Gen.3:21. By His design Adam and Eve wore the first leather. Because of their early bent toward disobedience they were marked as rebels and had to be driven from Paradise. The second chance was not given to those who sided with Satan and challenged the goodness and mercy of God Almighty.

Much later in history, as the nation of Israel was brought into existence and under Divine revelation they continued to follow hard the way that pleased the flesh. Though God was faithful and rose early to forestall their defiance and spiritual adulteries, they never listened to His messengers or regarded the inspired Prophets. Instead, they hated His word and beat or murdered the men that God sent to call them to faith and repentance.

The Center of History

At the center of history, when God sent His only begotten Son, man opposed Him and saw to it that He was hated, rejected and tried for heresy and treason. He was crucified as an imposter at Calvary. Matt.21:33ff

The death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was in no way a surprise or failure. Instead, it was the fulfillment of the eternal plan of our sovereign God, Acts 4:24-30. Man, because of his blindness never can interfere with Divine strategy. In his wildest efforts to dethrone God he only carries out what has been ordained. Eph.1:11, Acts 2:22-24. God knew what would happen when He sent His righteous Son into the midst of wicked and self-righteous men.

Profiling the Elect

God also profiles those who are to be converted and brought to repentance. He knows His own by name and calls them out of their miserable blindness. John 10:3ff He separates the sheep from the goats. With loving kindness He changes His sheep so that they grow to be more and more like His Son.

In the Sermon on the Mount, our Lord declared the profile of a true believer. He said “that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees (Jewish religious leaders) you shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Matt.5:20 This revealed the absolute need to achieve a just and perfect standing with God, one that we are incapable of producing or maintaining ourselves, one that must come by faith in Christ.

The goats also grow and increase their loathing of grace. Eventually they are hardened and become more confident of self. In rigid blindness they want to be rid of God. They excommunicate themselves and vote willingly for their place in hell.

Sinful man mimics His Creator by profiling. He tries to categorize other people in groups according to his likes and dislikes, or according to what he has observed. This can be a useful and intelligent process. It is helpful in determining appropriate categories and divisions. Since people are not exactly alike they have many characteristics that must be taken into account. Man’s profiling, however, because of his sinful nature, often can be a projection of his hatred and prejudices.

Distortion and Bigotry

Sociologists strive in their self-righteous fervor to obliterate the profiles that God has created. Male and female is always a basic example. Many studies have been made in an attempt to deny the obvious differences in boys and girls. The objective has been to ascribe all differences to environmental factors, social influences and group bias.

Choice and preference are terms coined by Humanists. These innocuous expressions really carry weight. They at least imply that man is in charge of his destiny, sexual or otherwise. A fair bit of alternative profiling must needs accompany the very religious rites that are the subject of these heavily loaded terms.

The worlds of entertainment and advertising live and breathe the art of profiling. Lives depend on accuracy in identifying markets and trends. Their products have mostly to do with instructional success. Those who have ears to hear must be reached with the malevolent gospel of fad and license.

Educational experts serving statist schools provide the answers for desperate parents and frantic teachers. These answers, ADD, ADL, DXL ( the list goes on ), show how a problem child fits the profile that excuses behavior and failed discipline.

Profiling Worth Cheering About

When boarding a flight to Athens or Tel Aviv most passengers are glad for good profilers at the gate. Not having an axe to grind about social engineering, they do have one that concerns physical safety and sanity. Experience teaches that most terrorists fit into certain quite recognizable categories.

Our attorney general has begun a campaign to investigate and stamp out police profiling. This is like requiring law enforcement people to wear blinders and submit to brain-washing so as to deny their professional experience. Dumbing down the cops can only lend a helping hand to crooks and revolutionaries.

Anyone with a little savings in the bank wants his money to be handled with care. Lending it to just anybody who wants it may well mean financial loss. Experience and strict profiling help bankers to lend wisely and profitably.

The Underlying Target

The anti-profiling faction is really attacking is the civil order of society. Lawful categories are to be disregarded so that new and lawless ones can more easily replace them. A people who do not distinguish between a couple living together and a couple who are lawfully wedded is a people debauched. Spiritual whoredom has reached a new peak with the destruction of rightful classes and kinds.

We must look to God’s Word to learn about and reverence His sovereign profiling. “You shall know them by their fruits” Matt.7:16 is the direction given to us by our Lord. The result of His grace and sanctifying influence is either evident or it is missing. We are commanded to profile and identify the false prophets whose garb is usually sheep’s clothing. We must be able to discern those who produce only spiritual thorns and thistles. Our own profiles are made evident when we look into the law of God which the Apostle called a mirror with which we accurately see our true selves and recognize our need of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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