Guns In School


Guns In School: Playground Voilence 101

Public school killings and other violent outbreaks in state run education are a predictable result of the curriculum. The kids are learning their lessons well. Their class projects are more real than ever. Sinful natures are let out of the box and energized by the spirit of revolution that is imbedded in the system.

One of the basic assignments of the present generation has been that abortion is everyone’s right. Graphic, brutal murder by tearing human bodies apart or scalding with chemicals, while still inside their mother’s womb, has been made commonplace. The point; life is not, life is cheap.

Another assignment has been to learn to think of one’s self as the latest protoplastic development of the evolutionary machine. Without Creator or designer, coming from nothing and going nowhere, man is said to exist without responsibility to God. Indeed, the mere mention of God is touted as illegal.

A video-game mentality isn’t fettered by the steel reality of God’s absolutes. It is loosed, instead, to assert wicked fantasies spawned of ignorance and depravity. Cursing of parents and despising of parental authority is accepted, even prescribed, as the dynamic of a liberated mind. Early rebellion easily grows into bigger, more ugly assertions of self.

Further assignments abound in the cultured chaos of the Humanistic classroom. Near the top in accrediting social savagery is the war on words. Dominant trends in literary theory of the past thirty years have successfully rendered the American student illiterate in terms of important Western literature. Teachers and professors cannot offend the political baals. A thoroughly man-centered agenda censures the library shelf, as well as the teacher’s desk. Every good book that reflects biblical principles and relates the great law of consequences has been pitched into the "G.I. can" of academia.

Having been well taught that the Bible is myth and that biblical ethics and morality represent the confinement and slavery of a bygone era, the modern student is daily programmed to fornicate and commit murder, among other select sins. Why not? It may be the one remaining genuine thrill and anyway, we all experience periods of rage. And rage is good.

Blame Shifted - Slate Clean

A further aspect of the "no fault" course in wicked behavior is the nauseating flood of blame shifting that inevitably follows each shooting. "Adults weren’t listening." "It’s the video games the kids watch. They’re so used to seeing violence without consequences." Music, rap and television are on the list too. Of course, guns now top the list of excuses. The gun manufacturers are the latest culprits.

Then there is absolution by psychology. "We all have feelings of rage. From time to time we all want to strike out at something, or somebody." Professional counselors are ready to define admissibly highbrow justification. "There is violence all around us today. Our children are faced with it from the cradle."

Repentance Is The Only Answer

We have to boldly pinpoint the real culprit. The sinful nature of man, with many of the usual restraints eliminated, is capable of incredible violence in the attempt to dethrone God. Crimes that deface or destroy human beings are really attacks on God. A society at war with God, thumping its collective chest with self righteous indignation over the inequities of life, is determined to revolt. Humanistic schools are a spawning ground for this mentality. The pathetic zombies who actually pull the trigger, are drained of consciousness. They seem lost in their own miserable hells, but they represent the popular defiance.

This radical violence shows the sovereign wrath of God expressed against a wayward and hardened society. The Singer of Israel said, "Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man, preserve me from the violent man, which imagine mischiefs in their heart. Continually they are gathered together for war." Ps.140:1-2

The answer of Scripture is to be humbled before God and to plead for His mercy in Christ Jesus. School counselors, psychologists, news broadcasters and politicians puzzle over the fury. They are at a loss. Those in darkness cannot comprehend the wrath that awaits, but those who hear the call of God’s Spirit have true peace and safety.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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