Conquest and Culture


Conquest and Culture

The kingship of Christ is made increasingly apparent in the reign of terrorism that is upon us. Islamic radicals call for one jihad after another in their rage and resentment of Western wealth and intemperance. Cultures are held up for display while political correctness is forgotten. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are daily shown the truth of biblical mandate. Martial law, men with guns and mace, locked doors, security-madness and apprehension are now the mark of American life.

The young American Taliban fellow, Johnny Walker al-Lindh, should perhaps be quietly shipped back to his friends in the caves, not processed into a youth-hero icon by justice department lawyers.

He might be installed in Berkley or Harvard as a research project for the psychologists, theologians and political scientists. They could debrief him on why the call to jihad answers so resonantly the yearnings of clever, unhappy, flush young men from left of the Loop.1

Wishful thinking among the world’s alienated third-stringers is the idea that Western culture is bankrupt, its military and economic power ready to collapse. Even in chronic desperation they retain a surprising awareness of the loss of spiritual drive in their declared enemies, but probably misinterpret motive and purpose.

Men hate most what they, themselves, covet and cannot have. Materialistic envy flows today from the ancient jealousy of Esau and Ishmael. Grinding on one’s embittered past provides the fuel of disgust and hatred, a fuel sufficient for offering up life itself.

American skeptics and agnostics ply their ignorance, finding satisfaction in their self-righteous perspective ... Why would anyone want to do these terrible things to us? Bellicose patriots purchase extra flags and declare their faith in freedom and democracy. Many clergymen and college professors counsel patience and understanding. The man in the street puts his money on the marines and the aces who fly the F-14s.

But, why are people so sure that blowing their body parts all over the street will make the right statement? What convinces them to take such excessive action? A satanic delusion is the answer.

Dousing one’s self with gasoline and striking a match has been the preferred testimony of those following the Eastern religions. Sympathy, perhaps, was the goal. Hoped for rewards weren’t mentioned. Again, the darkness of paganism deludes the mind.

Is it that the culture of the lotus provides an example of sacrifice and self-denial, one we should all emulate? Can the culture of hatred and violence gain by bloody gaul and butchery? Will we convert in order to stop the stench of intestines a la carte? Only Jesus Christ has given the answer to His faithful ones.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

End Notes:

  1. Jonathan Raban, New Yorker Mag. 2/4/02, from the article My Holy War, p.36.
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