Manic Depression or Just Being Honest?


Manic Depression or Just Being Honest?

I know about a mom on the rebound from correcting book reports and grading science notes who says there are days when she wonders why she homeschools. Admitting her reluctance to be so “tied down” and her inclination to bitterness with her children’s sluggishness and behindedness she seems on the point of tears.

What are we to make of this? Should we shrink back in disgust or award her a certificate for honesty? Should we suggest another change of curriculum or add a bank of violins to provide background to her complaint? Methinks this lady is not alone in her solemn dilemma.

Several of the Psalms come to mind, however, as I review the lament. “Hear my prayer . . . do not hide Thyself. Attend unto me and hear me as I mourn in my complaint.” [Ps.55:1-2] The Psalm writers often remind God of the wicked, those who are His enemies and still run around like kings and devils who try to derail the good people, the ones trying to obey. They cry to God asking Him to rescue their souls, ransom their darling from the lions. [Ps.35:17]

In short, the Psalms give us the words to bring to God. They are the outline and the legal brief with which we can get the Lord to listen. Our grief and disappointment is expressed there in more profound terms than we are capable of using and the plea is bound to be heard at the Throne of Grace.

This mom is not alone. Her lament is as understandable as her distress is reasonable. The load she carries probably more than she ever bargained for, even in her wildest imagination. God has rewards that will outweigh all of her complaint. He will hear and will provide the needed strength. His Word will remind her of the need for godly discipline. The Holy Spirit will visit her in the hour of dejection. The Lord will note her honesty and frankness.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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