A NEW Letter from the Administrator

*** To fully appreciate this letter, see lead article "The Third Wave of Persecution" by Michael Farris, HSLDA The Home School Court Report, Nov./Dec. 2010 found here:  http://www.hslda.org/courtreport/v26n6/v26n601.asp

A NEW Letter from the Administrator

Dear Homeschooling Family,

Giants of all kinds swagger about in God’s world today. Public education bullies and modern media giants bark their claims and threats. There is a hush, a pensive apprehension that has fallen over our country.

In the face of this mounting confrontation you are the young Davids, the unsung champions who cannot abide the blasphemies of these ugly, boasting Goliaths. Maybe not trained in educational warfare, not specifically prepared for shouldering this great, additional task, you are now incensed and moved to take on these giants. You are a homeschooling parent!

The king’s heavy armor won’t help, his policies are proven ineffective and have failed. Your sling and five smooth stones will do the job, with of course, God’s grace. The blessing of the Lord will make your brave and demanding endeavor to prosper.

It’s those five smooth stones that we want to supply for you. The five primary courses of a Covenant Home curriculum, coupled with expert planning, supportive scheduling and a strong biblical world view that underlies the whole program.

Our God created the mind of a child to grow and learn by means of a distinctive plan, one that we call the Classical Approach. Basic principles, such as phonics and grammar, are the foundation that establishes the basis for early confidence. Then a natural curiosity motivates increasing examination and analysis in their studies. Finally, a growing, personal competence to appreciate ideas and to handle challenges and communication with others takes shape. This, very briefly, is the classical model.

Covenant Home Curriculum markets very doable and sustainable programs for all levels, Pre-K through 12th grade. We feature complete, balanced curriculum packages, not mere skeletal starter kits that require expensive, additional materials. We back up our programs with skilled counselors who answer our phones and your emails. The option of our outstanding grade auditing service is there for you, as well, to provide parents a backup for accountability and preparation for college.

You, with God’s help, must face the awful spiritual and political giants of our day. We are here to support, provide quality and complete programs and help as needed.

In His Grace,

Rev. Dale K. Dykema, Administrator
Covenant Home Curriculum

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