Healthcare and Highwaymen

Healthcare and Highwaymen


            Nothing is wrong with healthcare in the U.S., the system isn’t broken.  What the politicians are after is to make you pay the medical expenses of voters who can’t or won’t buy insurance.  The urgent campaign is camouflaged as virtue, the humanitarian concerns that anyone favors, but the proposed theft remains hidden and unmentioned.

            The medical establishment in America is still the best in the world.  The only change needed is some kind of limitation on the ridiculous liability judgments and settlements that are visited on the whole system, but the available care is world class.  In isolated cases some people seek specific treatments and surgeries in foreign countries, also a good solution for those who feel comfortable with this freedom.

            Successful participation in the benefits of the American health system requires a measure of planning, resolution and money.  This is true of the purchase of any valuable product or service.  Living in a relatively free society does assume a reasonable degree of obligation and grit.  The great majority of Americans meet this challenge.  It is wrong to use the power of civil government to levy the medical costs of strangers on those who are already paying for their own health related expenses.


What About the Poor?  

            With good care readily available what can be said then, about the reported millions who remain without insurance and who avoid or postpone health issues until it’s too late?  There are many who simply cannot afford this necessity, are not eligible for a group plan or have had their coverage cancelled.  What would help these uninsured?  How can we keep a well ordered system working and play the Good Samaritan at the same time?

            Socialist programs don’t work.  Forcing people to pay for the care of others requires the heavy clout of governmental theft and communal futility.  It’s been proven over and over in other countries.  The best medical care a collectivist system can offer is mediocre, one that is characterized by long waiting periods, discouragement of excellence and fostering of laziness and avoidance.  A police state would only guarantee proper care for those who are approved.  A free market approach always brings superior results, a principle also proven over and over.


Biblical Answers

The answer has been given to us in the Bible.  Christ told the story about the man who was waylaid by robbers, brutal highwaymen.  They took his purse, beat him up and left him in a ditch broken and helpless.  A Jewish religious leader, a priest, came by and thought it best not to get involved.  Another, a Levite, decided also to keep going after a hurried look.  Finally, a third guy, a despised, low-life Samaritan felt sorry for the injured fellow.  He stopped, gave the man first aid, then helped him onto his own donkey and took him to a local inn.  He then applied first aid and made sure that further treatment would be provided at his own expense.  Lk.10:30-37         

            In practical, modern terms, compassion such as this, although admirable, has been virtually outlawed by federal laws and regulations.  Typical of humanism, countless measures have been put in place that rule out personal involvement or the participation of the Church, in favor of centralizing control by federal authority.  Even doctors who would willingly provide free services are threatened with prosecution as felons if they do so.  These laws and regulations are called “standards.”  Their intent, ostensibly, is the maintenance of a certain level and uniformity of care.   Their hidden purpose is to insure the position of the civil government as sole and ultimate healer and restorer.  It is the religion of man, a modern idolatry. 

            If the Church were allowed, once again, to operate hospitals and clinics, many of which still carry the name of their founding churches or denominations, ample care could be given the needy voluntarily through this means.  God’s people would exercise their calling to be Samaritans.  Costs could be kept within reason and an appropriate path would be opened for many who seek more than a physical healing.  Of course such a bold undertaking would require a return to faithful tithing and generous giving by church members.


Federal Expertise Gone Wrong

            Perhaps it is not right to say that nothing is wrong with healthcare in America. More accurately and to the point, what is wrong is the evil extent of federal meddling and disruption in the medical system.  Alert people today are beginning to discover that the U.S. Constitution says nothing about healthcare.  Its provisions for the “general welfare” have to do with economic and political matters, not physical healthcare.  Modern heresies of salvation by the all-encompassing supervision of civil experts threaten to kill any incentives to care.

            Our thanks are due for those who try to curb or eliminate the overbearing instincts of civil government to play god, especially in the important matter of our physical and mental well-being.  May the Lord our God once again enable Americans to re-establish Christian clinics and hospitals that can meet the needs of the truly helpless and poor.


Hands and Feet of Christ

             A perfect, present day illustration of the above article is the Compassionate Care Clinic of Shelby County Ohio.  Established in 2007 and funded by only four local churches, the clinic now treats more than 1000 people, without charge, a year.  It recently has begun to provide dental coverage for the needy and unemployed of the county.

            Chad Bresson, writing in the Cedarville University newsletter, Torch, tells us about this excellent example of God’s people at work in His Kingdom.


See: Torch (Spring/Summer issue) Making Sense of Today’s Critical Issues From A Biblical Perspective.  p.32. 


Posted 7/7-2010


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