September 2008 Letter From Home


Issue No. 112

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The 2008 - 2009 School Year Has Begun!

The new school year has begun with an even bigger bang than usual. Anticipation and excitement help us meet the challenges of learning in God's ordered world. Like those who jog or exercise vigorously, homeschoolers have become robust problem solvers. We get so few calls for assistance these days. Our families are adept and innovative. They are set to run the race well. May the Lord bless you in the new school year!


Accountability, unlocking three strengths of successful homeschooling

           Assisting parents in educating their children in the home for more than a quarter century has taught me some powerful lessons.  The first and most valuable one is that willingness to be accountable in the homeschooling endeavor is almost a guarantee of high levels of success.
            Everyone wants success.  Hard work, balanced discipline and endurance are all necessary features that characterize good home educators, but almost universally, a sound backup is needed as well.  Accountability provides approval and recognition for hard work.  At times I’ve likened this to the pay that we receive for our regular jobs.  The student receives a return on time spent in the books.
            A properly disciplined home produces many fruits, the benefits that flow from obedience.  Reports and grades are submitted on time.  Procrastination, that insidious enemy that lurks behind every effort, is defeated and held in check.  The good pleasure of the Lord is reflected in a well-ordered and confident family.
            Endurance is all of grace!  Those families who are long-time homeschoolers are the happy recipients of this special grace, but all three of these important factors are enhanced and encouraged by means of our willingness to maintain accountability.
            Those who make use of Covenant Home’s accountability aid, our Grade Auditing service, have no fear of its professional insights or time constraints.  Rather, they welcome these parameters and use them as motivators for their children.  Our goal is always to help, encourage and prepare for the greater challenges that are ahead.   


Phonics Flat Fish
(Level: Pre-K to K)

Number Flat Fish
(Level: Pre-K to K)

Words Flat Fish
(Level:  K)

Things that go Together
(Ages: 2 – 4)

Whose Baby?
(Ages: 2 – 4)

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