July 2008 Letter From Home

Issue No. 112

The New President and Homeschooling4th of July Exclusive OffersAnnouncement

The two choices we are left with for president of our country point to more difficult times ahead for homeschooling. Their likely administrations are probably not going to be neutral on smart personal initiative as applied to education. Both potential candidates are very big on concentrating power in Washington, heavy inflationary spending and increasing governmental controls.

This doesn't bode well for homeschooling, an easy target for those who need to court the NEA and other public school teacher's unions.

One safeguard that is especially wise is to be sure your enrollment at HSLDA is paid and up to date. Another precaution is to be very careful about keeping complete and unquestionable records of your educational labors. Covenant Home's grade auditing service is able to add a professional punch to this effort.

A third line of defense is to be part of a larger organization or support group. Regularly reading the Covenant Home newsletter, Letter from Home, will also help. This will keep you well informed and able to take part in any needed action.

The Lord will protect us and our covenant children, even under the rule of humanism and unbelief. Our trust in His sovereign care will be evidenced by these wise precautions and by our continual and faithful prayer.


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    The Story of D-Day
    The Story of the Surrender at Yorktown
    The Story of the New York Stock Exchange
    The Story of the Powers of Congress

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    Christopher Columbus
    Jefferson Davis
    The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
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Rachael Hannay of Missouri

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