May 2008 Letter From Home

Issue No. 111

Covenant Home Curriculum Newsletter

May 2008

In This Issue:

 Time for Certificates of Achievement 

 2008 CD-Rom Catalog

 Winner of 1st Drawing

 2nd Drawing for Ad $$$ 

 50% OFF SALE on Apologia General Science, 1st ed. Module

 EXPELLED, the Movie


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*** WINNER OF 1ST AD DOLLARS DRAWING IS:  Denise Lester of California ***

Are you wrapping up your school year?

Have you completed the coursework ordered from Covenant Home this year?

If so, please send for your child's Certificate of Achievement.  Here is what we need from you:

  • Student's full name
  • Grade level completed (full curriculum) or modules completed
  • Invoice number or approx. date of purchase
  • Current mailing address information

Send this information by e-mail to and shortly you will receive a beautiful Certificate of Achievement

Congratulations to Mom and Dad too, on your job well done!

*** WINNER OF 1ST AD DOLLARS DRAWING IS:  Denise Lester of California ***

          Denise will receive $100.00 toward her curriculum purchase from Covenant Home.  Our Ad Dollars offer was very well received.  The number of people reading our Letter from Home newsletter and entering the drawing exceeded expectations.  We want to thank everyone and plan to continue the offer.

Ad Dollars For Reading The Letter from Home

          Instead of spending money on advertising, we have decided to offer a nifty proposal to our Covenant Home families.  Just by reading our newsletters you now can register for drawings worth up to $100 everytime our newsletter is sent!!  
          We want people to read our newsletters.  They contain great stuff about noteworthy students, terrific ideas for homeschooling, outstanding book report examples and valuable coupons.  So, if you are willing to make sure that your email setup can receive our Letter from Home and if you will take about 5 minutes to read it each time, you will find the 3 easy steps it takes to be a part of our drawing and possibly win big money toward your next curriculum purchase.
          We hope to see your return email that will go into our drawing file after every newsletter mailing!

  1. Step -  Address your return email to  
  2. Step -  Put in the subject line:  curriculum draw 2
  3. Step -  Tell us your name and phone number in the email

Keeping Up

          Our new, 2008 Catalog is on CD-Rom!  It’s a sign that we are trying our best to keep up.  Technology is demanding that we have the latest form and fashion.  Printed catalogs will be available only for those who are lagging.  We would like to lag.  Actually, we prefer to have a printed catalog, but since most homeschoolers are going hi-tech, we had to do it too. 
          When you pop this CD into your computer though, we think that you are going to like it.  You’ll be captivated with the introduction, the full color pictures and the ease of discovering and ordering.  We look forward to your reactions.  Please let us know how you like this new venture.



Apologia General Science, 1st ed., Module


EXPELLED, the Movie Click here to go to EXPELLED website

          Be sure to see the Ben Stein movie, Expelled.  Its premise of freedom is wrong, but the movie is an outstanding exposé of the persecution being visited on university professors and honest scientists who have dared to indicate interest in the Intelligent Design idea.  Darwinists are obviously very worried.  Many recent discoveries about the fantastic complexity of the living cell have devastated those who insist on serving the god of evolution.



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