April 2008 Letter From Home

Issue No. 110

Covenant Home Curriculum Newsletter

April 2008

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  Keeping Up 

  Who To Vote For

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**REMEMBER:  April 30th Deadline for 5% discount on all materials**

Ad Dollars For Reading The Letter from Home

          Instead of spending money on advertising, we have decided to offer a nifty proposal to our Covenant Home families.  Just by reading our newsletters you now can register for drawings worth a minimum of $100 everytime our newsletter is sent!!  
          We want people to read our newsletters.  They contain great stuff about noteworthy students, terrific ideas for homeschooling, outstanding book report examples and valuable coupons.  So, if you are willing to make sure that your email setup can receive our Letter from Home and if you will take about 5 minutes to read it each time, you will find the 3 easy steps it takes to be a part of our drawing and possibly win big money toward your next curriculum purchase.
          We hope to see your return email that will go into our drawing file after every newsletter mailing!

  • Step 1 -  Address your return email to addollars@covenanthome.com  
  • Step 2 -  Put in the subject line:  curriculum draw 1
  • Step 3 -  Tell us your name and phone number in the email

Keeping Up

          Our new, 2008 Catalog is on CD-Rom!  It’s a sign that we are trying our best to keep up.  Technology is demanding that we have the latest form and fashion.  Printed catalogs will be available only for those who are lagging.  We would like to lag.  Actually, we prefer to have a printed catalog, but since most homeschoolers are going hi-tech, we had to do it too. 
          When you pop this CD into your computer though, we think that you are going to like it.  You’ll be captivated with the introduction, the full color pictures and the ease of discovering and ordering.  We look forward to your reactions.  Please let us know how you like this new venture.


Who To Vote For
          Recently, Rep. John Shadegg, Republican of Arizona, introduced a bill in the House, called The Enumerated Powers Act.  This bill would require all bills brought before the U.S. Congress to include a statement setting forth the specific constitutional authority under which the bill would be enacted.  The proposed law has 44 co-sponsors in the House, but not a single co-sponsor in the Senate.  Obama, Clinton and McCain are all senators.  They all have a distaste for, and fail to support, a measure binding them to what the Constitution actually permits.  I plan to vote for Mr. Paul, whether his name is on the ballot or not.

$$ Earn Money $$
   Toward Your Curriculum Purchase

          Would you like to earn money to help pay for your curriculum this year?  Representing Covenant Home locally is an effective way to earn curriculum credit.*  It is probably the most important type of representation that you can provide.  Because families with whom you are speaking know you and your success, they are ready to hear about what has helped you. 

Email us today for the booklet:
Guide to Local Representation

*Offer applies only to re-enrolling families.

**REMEMBER:  April 30th Deadline for 5% discount on all materials**

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