M. Goddard Book Report on Moses the Kitten

 Book Report by Matthew Goddard, 3rd grade

on the book:  Moses the Kitten, author:  James Herriot


The story Moses the Kitten, written by James Herriot, is about a black kitten found near a frozen pond, one winter day.  It takes place at a farm in England, in an area called the Dales.


A vet found the black kitten by a frozen pond outside a gate of a farm.  Thinking that the kitten belonged to Mr. Butler, the farmer, he took it to him.  Mr. Butler told the vet it wasn't his, but he would give it to his wife, Mrs. Butler, to tend it.  In no time she had it warmed up and drinking milk.  She had named the kitten Moses, because it was found in the reeds by the pond.  Later the vet came back to check on Moses.  He couldn't find him.  All that he found was different kind of cats.  He was starting to think something had happened to Moses, but just then Mr. Butler showed him where Moses was.  Mrs. Butler had put Moses in a pigpen where a sow had just had babies.  There was a heater for him to keep warm.  Not only was Moses there, but he was in the middle of all the piglets nursing right along with them.  As Moses grew older he stayed with the sow and never left her.


We should take good care of the animals we have.  If for some reason we can't we should make sure to give them to someone who can take care of them.  It is not right to just dump an animal off somewhere, letting it fend for itself.  We should care for our animals the way the vet, Mrs. Butler, and the sow did for Moses.


It makes you happy that Moses was found, but it makes you sad when you think about all the animals that are left to die, because no one finds them.  We are to take care of the animals that God has created, as God tells us in Psalm 8:6.  "Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands: thou has put all things under his feet."

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