Choosing The Best Ordering Plan

Choosing The Best Ordering Plan:
      Full Curriculum, Modules or Tailoring???

   What does this all mean? When I order, which do I choose?

The following is a quick guide that should help:

Full Curriculum - if the full curriculum selections will meet your child’s needs, this is always the best way to order. The advantages for you are: a complete Day-by-Day with all subjects scheduled in one document, a discounted, full curriculum price and the Covenant Home Preceptor and Grading Masters at no additional charge. Furthermore, replacement kits may be purchased for younger children who will use the curriculum.

orders cost a little more but enable you to choose only the subjects you want, or they allow you to choose an alternate subject or one on a different grade level without having to pay a tailoring fee. (If you would like to have a Preceptor and/or Grading Masters, these items may be individually added to your order.)
Tailoring a full curriculum can cost a little more but enables you to still have a full Day-by-Day with the majority of your subjects scheduled in one place. It too includes the Preceptor and Grading Masters. Tailoring works well for families who, for example, want to teach the same Bible or history course to two or more students, or if they find it necessary to change the level of math to meet the specific needs of the student. It also applies to full curriculum orders where an alternate study is selected. Tailoring fees are $15 per change. Since the final amounts will vary when items are removed from the kit and replaced with new items, it is best to request a call back or an email notice if you would like to know exact figures.  To contact:  1-800-578-2421, 1-262-246-4760 or

Still not sure?
Please call or email us. The CHC staff is always eager to help you figure out the most economical way to order, once you’ve determined what you need.  To contact:  1-800-578-2421, 1-262-246-4760 or

What is a replacement kit? A replacement kit contains all the consumable items plus any new items from the previous year’s catalog. Buying this kit enables you to use with another child the texts and teacher materials previously purchased, and to save money without sacrificing academic quality. We always include a new Day-by-Day in your replacement kit so you can make notes in the one you currently are using. You may add any new item to a kit or tell us to delete an item in order to reduce the cost. Tailoring fees will apply to other changes. A complete listing of the contents of each replacement kit may be found on the website. Lists are updated each January with the release of our new catalog.

When should I order a twin kit?
Whereas replacement kits contain consumables, twin kits contain readers and texts as well as consumables. You should purchase a twin kit for the second student if you have two students in one grade at the same time. By doing this, each student will have his own texts, workbooks, readers, tests, etc., but you won’t be buying two sets of teacher materials.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at:

1-800-578-2421   —   1-262-246-4760



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