January 2006 Letter From Home

Issue No. 96

 A Covenant Home Curriculum Newsletter

January 2006

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CHC Point of Interest

CHC Point of Interest ~

  • Homeschooling Milestone at Covenant Home Curriculum
  • 25th Anniversary Special Offers


CHC Profiles ~

  • Daniel Logoyda




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Homeschooling Milestone

            The year 2006 marks our 25th anniversary in serving the needs of homeschooling families.  Time has gone by in a flash.  Technology has developed beyond all of our imaginations.  We can barely even remember our first desktops.  Floppy disks, dot-matrix printers and paste-ups all had their short lives and have flown away.  We are now networked, cell phone connected and online.  We can communicate instantaneously .  .  .  and endlessly.

            All the electronic and technical razzle-dazzle aside, however, we still realize that the message remains the same.  Our primary concern is to help moms and dads present Jesus Christ and His world, His history and His creation in the most orderly and effective manner.

            With the Lord a thousand years is as one day and a day is as a thousand years.  Time and its passage are part of God's creation order.  All history is arrayed in front of the sovereign God at once and is subject to His perfect control.  This particular 25-year span that He has given us has been, from our perspective, a wonderfully sustained blessing.  Several people have passed through our organization, but our basic staff has remained.  We are favored with outstanding and dedicated people throughout!

            A special point of our satisfaction has been the part we were able to play in helping families grow closer.  Many of our enrolled parents have told us about greatly strengthened relationships with their children and an increased well-being and confidence with their young people.  The energy of love that is present in the homeschooling enterprise brings this about when it is coupled with the love of Christ.

            We look thankfully back.  We're grateful for the gadgetry that makes our writing, editing and upgrading lives much easier, and thankful for the growing supply of faithful families that undertake the profound obligations of educating their covenant children.  We look ahead with thanks as well.  Future opportunities are many and varied.  Our desire and our aim is to continue to encourage families who want a strong, classical approach to learning, combined with a God-honoring, reformed world view.


 DKDykema  1-06




Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.

Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.

Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.

Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.

Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.

Coupon must be mentioned when order is placed.



CHC Profile

Covenant Laureate Award Winner — Daniel Logoyda

            We congratulate Daniel Logoyda, fifth grade Covenant Home student from Negley, OH.  Daniel is our latest Covenant Home Laureate.  The award was given for his fine article about the Covenant Home History Overlay that was provided with his history course.  His article is shown below.

History Overlay Report

CH History OverlayIn reading the History Overlay book, one realizes that all historical finds must be measured by the facts and standards of God’s Word. The reader understands that history belongs to God and His purposes.

As Christians we know that the world was made with order and purpose. Our view of history must be linear, where time and history move toward a climax when Christ returns for His people. This view is contrary to the pagan cyclical view of history having no meaning or purpose.

Only God knows all the details of creation and past history. How sad it is that the pagan worldview rejects the historical facts and fulfilled Scriptural prophecies regarding Christ as the pivotal point of God’s grace to mankind. Knowing this our worldview is complete and inclusive of law and order. The revelation of the Holy Trinity in the Bible is our starting point. Biblical principles must guide us. II Corinthians 10:5 is one example of biblical guidance, to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ."

History is understood better such as, geology, dinosaur fossils, conquestes and economic influences and how they have all impacted mankind when studied with the Bible as the first book of reference.


Daniel Logoyda

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