August 2005 Letter From Home

Issue No. 95

 A Covenant Home Curriculum Newsletter

August 2005
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The Miriam Selle Story

The Selle family has used Covenant Home Curriculum with exceptional results for a total of fifteen years, with ten of those years in our grade auditing service as well.  Of four accomplished daughters, we are featuring Miriam, a 2005 graduate of Covenant, who has been accepted at Wheaton College where she plans to major in English and Spanish.

            Taking most of her core subjects from Covenant for four years, Miriam vigorously pursued music and numerous other interests through her local, Vermont high school.  The state of Vermont allows access to any and all classes as long as grade and subject prerequisites are met.  She studied Spanish, her lab sciences and was energetically involved in music, completing four years of chorus, singing in small ensembles, music festivals and the school choir.  She also studied voice for all four years of high school. 

            Miriam received an All States Vocal Performance Scholarship and a Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship in May and June of this year.  These scholarships will go a long way toward meeting her expenses at Wheaton in the years ahead.

            There was a very discouraging wrinkle in the life of this remarkable girl.  During her sophomore year she had a fall down a flight of stairs, landing on her hands and chin, severely damaging her wrists.  Miriam has struggled with pain in her daily activities and with those things that are expected of a good student.  She has had trouble writing, taking notes, using a computer and has, in some cases, needed to use a scribe for test taking and other important functions.  In all this she gives glory to God.  She tells of His grace that has enabled her to handle the physical struggle and of the Lord's mercy in fitting her to learn deeper spiritual lessons.  Realizing her greater inner need and granting the ability to praise Him for this unexpected and daunting trial, Miriam notes Psalm 13:6 as her expression of personal praise.  I will sing to the Lord because He has dealt bountifully with me.

            Miriam is interested in missions work and plans to look for the Lord's leading in this field of service.  She also loves to write fiction for children and young people.  In all of this her extensive musical skills will play a major role.

            Miriam's sister Dorea is a 1999 graduate of Covenant Home who has since completed her studies at Wheaton, with a degree in vocal performance, and is soon to receive a graduate degree from the Chicago School of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University.  Sister Amalia is a 2001 graduate of Covenant Home and now a senior at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain.  We are happy to say that Miriam's youngest sister, Charis, is in eighth grade, and, her mother says, a future candidate to enroll in Covenant Home Curriculum. 

            We especially note Dawna Selle, the amazing mother of these young ladies, for her diligence, example and stamina.  Her courage and leadership commend her as a superior homeschooling mother.



CHC Point of Interest



The Online Math League 

If you are the parent of a third through twelfth grade student, here's a 
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2. Instantaneous score reporting.
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3. Highly-targeted grade level contests.
While many other competitions group grade levels together in the same 
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For more information about the Online Math League's 2005-2006 contests, to 
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The Online Math League
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