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May 2005
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Covenant Home Student Entrepreneur

Last year Andries Opperman was selected as one of five high school finalists in the South African Top Entrepreneur Competitions 2004. This competition takes place on a yearly basis and the sponsors are a local newspaper, Rapport, the bank, Absa, The Greater Johannesburg Business Chamber, Lufthansa and GO channel on DSTV.

Andries had to hand in a business plan and photo section of his micro business, Exotica Bird Farm, that he had launched in 2002 under the encouraging eye of his father, Pastor Gustav Opperman, as part of a home study entrepreneurial course.

The size of his business's profit was not important, but Andries had to undertake market research on parrot aviculture.  He interviewed several experienced farmers.  He also had to indicate how he plans to expand his business.  Capital was generated through his work as verger of the local Reformed Church. A second project entailed the purchasing of a large broiler. He regularly sold the juiciest kabobs (a local meat delicatessen) and hot dogs in the main street of Sannieshof.  The income he received from these two enterprises enabled him to develop his bird farm.

As youngest member of Stellaland Bird Club, Andries suggested to the society that an electronic e-mail chat line could benefit members and improve communication.  His proposal was accepted, and he is in the process of implementing it.  Members will be able to swap ideas, news and advertise their birds at no extra cost.

The Opperman family is deeply thankful to the Lord for graciously opening to Andries this special door.  He is currently enrolled in Covenant Home Curriculum in 11th grade with grade auditing.  Andries is one of very few South African students, but since news has spread about his successful business venture, he has received several enquiries about the CHC course that he is following.


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