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No. 90


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January 2005


In This Issue:Featured Book:

New Book!

The Politically Incorrect Guide To American History – by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D.

     The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History,  This important new book by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D., will be an instant help to all homeschooling, Christian families. 

     In brief and straightforward paragraphs Woods gives us the real facts behind many of the most important aspects of the history of our country.  It will become a major part of our Covenant Home History Overlay.

CHC News –

• Our NEW 2005 Catalog Is Here!

• Need Multiple Catalogs?

• 6th Grade Language All-New

• The Virtual Academy


Our New 2005 Catalog is here!

     Larger and sporting new options, our 2005 catalog has recently been mailed out.  If you don't have yours please let us know right away.  Several valuable money-saving coupons are enclosed.


Catalogs to Share!

     Can you think of three people with whom you could share a Covenant Home catalog?

We are eager to supply you with as many catalogs as you are able to distribute.

     Think of all the people you see on a regular basis, who either homeschool already, or who have expressed an interest in homeschooling.  Friends at church, neighbors, people you sit with at games and music lessons…

     What about your support group meetings?  We'd like to supply you with enough catalogs to give to everyone in your group. 


     Tell us how many you need:  5, 10, or 25    other amount _____


     Call us at 800-578-2421 or send an email to educate@covenanthome.com.  We'll send them right away.  Thanks for your help.


The CHC Staff



6th Grade Language All-New

     Covenant Home has expanded the 6th grade language program with a new student book, Teacher's book and accompanying worksheets and keys. It now is a comprehensive and more interesting English course for our 6th graders.


The Virtual Academy

     The state of Wisconsin is now introducing its own virtual academy.  This is a tuition free, state sponsored home school curriculum program.  The state will provide the student with a computer and printer along with all necessary materials.  The idea is to keep tax dollars flowing into the state education department coffers.  A more sinister reason is behind this surprising innovation.  It is to relieve the distress of many children who are now afraid to attend regular schools because of drugs and violence.  Our guess is that everyone will soon see these virtual academies popping up in their own states.


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