October 2004 Letter from Home


No. 89

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October 2004



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    Faith-Based Voting

by Rev. D.K. Dykema

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Faith-Based Voting

            The internet is abuzz with news and views on the coming election.  A recent effort from Evangelicals is called Faith-Based Voting, an attempt to organize Christians as a block, a significant force to be reckoned with in this important election.  It’s good to see God’s people unite in order to make themselves heard!

          We know what is intended by the term Faith-Based, but then, maybe not!  It could mean that we have faith that everything will work out, somehow.  Or, it might mean that we should have faith that God will work things for good . . . so there is no need to vote.  Faith sometimes implies trust, the attitude of contentment and dependence on Jesus Christ, or on America!  It might have been better to choose another name.  My suggestion is called, Law-Based Voting.            

          A true faith in Christ means that we have confidence in Him and in His Word.  One of His oft-repeated words was, If you love me, keep my commandments.  John 14:15.

          A true faith in God brings with it a love for Him.  Since His holy law is a description of His character, it means that we respect and love His law.  We delight in righteousness as defined by Him.  O how I love Thy law, it is my meditation all the day.  Ps.119:97

          Faith is difficult to define.  It might be optimism, a positive outlook or the confidence of a strong personality.  In order to put real muscle and flesh on the skeleton of faith we need the law of God.  The Apostle James wrote that Faith without works is dead.  James 2:17. 

          It is God’s holy law that accurately defines true faith.  When I trust that God has expressed His absolute holiness in His law, that His standard is the best and only standard for our lives, then I am exercising a true and living faith.

          To honor God, my vote should be cast on the basis of His law!  It is the law that teaches me how to please Him.  I can tell who is prepared to lead the nation in obedience to God’s precept.  Faith in Christ is not blind; it operates according to God’s holy absolutes.

          Test 1:  One test to give the candidates is about how law-abiding they, themselves, are.  How have they shown respect for the law of the land, the Constitution?  In previous service have they followed the procedures that are required in that important document?  Remember, the President must swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

          Along with due allegiance to the Constitution should be an equal regard for fiscal reliability and a balanced budget.  Massive deficits are one of the Baal gods of professional politicians.  Spending fiat (inflation generated) money is a clever means by which to play god.  It is a crafty process of using monies that are stolen from the people in a way they rarely are able to discern.  Running up debt reveals contempt for the law.  This test provides an easy gauge with which to determine a man’s true character.

          Test 2:  Another test is to see how a candidate regards human life.  How he stands on abortion and capital punishment reveals much about his view of God’s law.  His law forbids the murder of the unborn and it requires the death sentence for those who murder.  Gen.9:6, Lev.24:17.

            Same sex marriage also rings in under this heading.  Acceptance of this deplorable mockery signals a disregard for the law and disdain for the marriage relationship.  Those who work to shanghai some semblance of honor or significance for their perversion beg for divine judgment and must be dealt with as criminal.

          Test 3:  A third test might be the candidate’s personal life.  Respect for God’s absolutes, or the arrogance of disrespect, can always be seen in a man’s personal dealings.  Commitment and faithfulness to one’s mate is revealing.  Faithfulness in meeting the responsibilities of the past is telling.  Few today are held to real accountability in these tests, but they reveal enough when measured by the law of God.

          A thorough test will, no doubt, disappoint.  No pretenders today can pass the test of the law.  At best God puts men into office who reflect the general mind-set of the public.   Unlike leaders in the early days of our Republic who were asked to step aside from their productive enterprises in order to serve, most now are self-appointed in their political quests.

Our concern should be to please the Lord, not provoke Him to give what we want, but thereby send leanness into our souls.  Ps.106:15.  Our concern must be to assess candidates with tests such as are suggested above, qualifications that mean more than quick wit, good appearance, glib tongue and facility in front of the camera.  

We must pray to God for an American revival of faith in Christ.  The number of people in the U.S. who profess the Christian faith still should assure the victory of men who fear God and who will not disregard His law.  Revival will be perceived by how the faith of the people is guided by the standard of the holy law of God.

 Test 4:  Many people are afraid of the enemies of America.  This fear is logical because of the 9/11 suicide attacks.  Trafficking in fear, as is currently promoted, should be seen as, inadvertently, a crystallizing picture of the poor spiritual state of America.  Nothing forces a people to face their spiritual deficiency more than a sudden physical threat.  As bad as this is, in reality it is a sign of God’s grace.  It should not be ignored or misunderstood.  Terrorism is the desperate effort of grossly inferior men who cannot compete culturally, economically, socially, or in any other way.  Their desperation is also the evidence of their spiritual judgment.  Hatred and envy are ever the theme of reprobate peoples.  Godly peoples should not fear them, but rather be drawn closer to Christ.

We should pray earnestly for leaders who will acknowledge that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence and His children will have refuge.  Prov.14:26.  This is not to say that the challenge will simply go away.  The godly will remember that, The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.  Prov.29:25.  A people who are confident in the true and living God will be exalted over their enemies.  The Lord says that when we obey Him, our enemies will come out against you one way and will flee before you seven ways.  Deut.27:8b.   

The greatest need in America now is for its Christian citizens to pray and work diligently for a restoration of faith in Jesus Christ, a strengthening of the church and an increased spirit of repentance.  The weapons of the real warfare are faith and repentance, armaments that will destroy any and all possible enemies.

          The test?  Is your candidate aware of the conflict that rages beyond political cliché?  Does he see more deeply than a Humanistic allegiance to democracy, freedom and the supposed rights of man?  When this test can be passed then American Christians will know that God’s grace once again shines on the nation.



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