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No. 87

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May 2004



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·         CHC Graduate is awarded scholarships

·         SAVING! SAVINGS! SAVINGS! In May and June

·         Preschoolers Have Fun And Learn, too

Feature Article

         “Freedom, The Religion”

by Rev. D.K. Dykema

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Outstanding Graduate!

Jessica Rice is graduating this May from Covenant Home having used grade auditing since she was in 7th grade.  Her graduating GPA is 3.91 (4.0 on standard scales) and she scored in the 95th percentile on her SAT.

She is an award winning pianist, having won numerous competitions and has attended Indiana University Piano Academy for the past two summers.  In addition, Jessica took Calculus at a local college this year as a high school enrollee and was the top student in all 4 sections, earning a 98%. 

From Indiana University, Jessica was awarded their top Honors College Scholarship AND was given a Dean's Scholarship, which is the top award from the School of Music.  Teacher, performer, composer Emile Naoumoff has asked Jessica to be a part of his studio.

Also accepted at Wheaton Conservatory of Music and College with having been offered their Presidential Scholarship, a decision needed to be made.  So after a lot of prayer by Jessica and her parents, she said finally that she felt that God was very clearly leading her to IU.  “We are pleased with her choice and feel that she is really learning to hear God's voice,” said Jessica's mother.

Piano is Jessica’s area of performance.  She plans to have a double major in Music (piano) and Biochemistry (Pre-med) and then hopes to go on to medical school to become an obstetrician.


*** CHC News Items ***

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Preschoolers Are Excelling

Comments about Covenant Home’s new Pre-school Program from homeschooling mom in WI:  “When we first opened our Covenant Home Preschool Curriculum, my children were ecstatic to see their own set of flashcards, crayons, scissors, books and workbooks.  They couldn't wait to start learning!” 

She went on to say, “My almost 5-year-old has chosen to work through the Pre-School Workbook during his play time, as there are so many enticing number and letter activities, tracing and matching puzzles.  Little does he know he's learning important skills for reading and writing while he's playing!”

Three and four year old preschoolers Micah, Alek (and someday ... brother Gabriel, too) enjoying their “fun school stuff.”

To see more information about the CHC Pre-school Program click the link below:






Certificate of Completion

If your student has completed a Covenant Home full curriculum purchased in 2003-04 he is entitled to receive a beautiful certificate bearing his name. 


What to do:

  • In the email include:  student's full name, grade level completed, invoice # or approx. date of purchase



Feature Article____________________________

Freedom, The Religion by Rev. D. K. Dykema


            Freedom is the rallying cry of Americans.  They still enjoy their liberties to a remarkable degree and fervently advocate it for everyone else in the world.  Americans think of freedom as though it were a religion.  Singing its praises, preaching its advantages, measuring all things by its tenants, they count the vote with sacred zeal.  The present American missionary effort envisions freedom as the ultimate goal for every nation on earth.

            This zeal for freedom reveals a serious failure to understand how true freedom works.  Man is not really free, but is wholly enslaved to his sin-loving nature.  Until he is submitted to Jesus Christ and released from this bondage he will only desire and pursue selfishness and greed.  He will not and cannot govern himself responsibly.  Instead, he will oppress, rob and kill his neighbor and seek his own pleasures.  It must be understood that the act of voting cannot make something right.  A million votes for evil cannot change the truth.  It cannot make error and sin into righteousness.

            A people must be prepared, spiritually and socially, in order to appreciate and make proper use of freedom.  Social and economic freedoms are hard won, not easily maintained and very demanding.  Nations that have never known these freedoms are almost invariably lacking in stability and productiveness.  They usually have required rigid and heavy-handed dictators to keep order.  Sinful man is not neutral, nor is he ready to blossom out with willing acceptance of the responsibilities and privileges of liberty.

            The great freedoms that Americans still enjoy are the residual fruits of the faithfulness of earlier generations, people who saw to it that their trust in God was engraved on their coins and their courts and schools were opened daily with prayer in Christ’s Name.  May our Heavenly Father graciously bring into being many new generations that acknowledge Him as the source of true freedom.  May we once again be humbled as a nation, looking to God, not our weapons and wealth, to secure and keep our freedom.




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