March 2004 Letter From Home


No. 86

Covenant Home Curriculum Newsletter

March 2004



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News & Announcements

·         Covenant Laureate Award Winners

·         Saxon 50% off Sale

·         Success of New CHC Pre-School Program

·         Deals Available in Let’s Play School in the Attic

Feature Article

         “Fantasy Marriage”

        by Rev. D.K. Dykema

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Covenant Laureate Award Winners

Josiah Mosteller, a 9th grader wrote an excellent report on Angel in the Whirlwind (B. Bobrick) a historical novel about the American Revolution.  Mrs. Erenz, Josiah’s grade auditor, said, “He summarized the highlights well and then gave a mature evaluation of the book and the events depicted in it.”  She concluded with saying, “It sparked my interest to read the book.”   

Joyanna Gilmour was not only awarded the Covenant Laureate Award but also took 3rd Place in the Ayn Rand Essay Contest for her essay on the book Anthem by A. Rand.  Joyanna had studied about Rand in her tenth grade English course.

William Honaker, a Covenant Home sophomore, wrote a lengthy report on The Grapes of Wrath by J. Steinbeck.  He retold the story and gave personal insights.  His mother said, “This book opened up the formal writing style for William … it whet his appetite for great literature.”

Keep up the good writing!


*** CHC News Items ***

Great Deals on Saxon!

We are offering Original Saxon 5/4 through 8/7 at a whopping 50% off. 

These standard texts and homeschool kits are every bit as good as the newest editions.

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New Pre-School Program A BIG Hit

     We have designed a beautiful and stimulating pre-school program for kids and moms who can’t wait.  So new that it didn’t make it into our printed catalog, they have been flying off our shelves! 

     Rave reviews have been coming in about the pre-school package.  They say that it is great fun, full of engaging activities and a perfect preparation for our five-star kindergarten curriculum.



Let’s Play School in the Attic


     Maybe you played school in the basement or on the back steps.  We played in the attic.  Today many of our book leftovers and overruns are listed in our Let’s Play School in the Attic web pages. 

     For an interesting look at these terrific bargains visit our Attic section of the website at:



Feature Article
Fantasy Marriageby Rev. D. K. Dykema


            An insignificant minority often tends to rule in matters of perversion and illegitimacy.  A small percentage of people in combination with excess media attention has managed to subvert the public with the plea for legalizing homosexual marriage.  The Massachusetts high court and, not surprisingly, denizens of San Francisco’s town hall have stated their support.  “Who will it hurt?” ask a disoriented slough of blockheads.  “Everyone deserves equal standing,” chime the community of social and political knaves.

            Every day multiple emails proclaim a gaggle of crazy cyber gospels.  Look younger in 20 minutes ... lose weight while you sleep ... passion should last forever ... earn a degree in 10 days, learn a foreign language in 5 days.  The litany of fools doggedly replicates itself day and night.  Willing takers are being softened up and nudged toward purchase as the clock ticks and the seasons flower and fade.  A petty group of internet muggers sit hunched over foul keyboards plying their counterfeit trade.

            A similar scene, act two, brings us to the same-sex marriage hallucination.  These desperate takers can only wish for any real recognition of their grim and deadly tryst.  Incapable of creating an authentic status, they haggle for a scrap of prestige to be shared with that unique institution decreed by God in Eden.

            Ordinary human marriage between a man and woman receives its honor and regard from the biblical illustration it displays of a relationship that is infinitely more glorious.  The Bride of Christ is the title that designates those given by the Father to the Son.  The Bride makes herself ready for her holy Groom who has secured her salvation at the cross and will come to take her to Himself in eternity.  The repulsive dissonance of homosexual coupling cannot mar the beauty and grandeur of the one, true union.  This loathsome pretense, however is, sadly, a revealing commentary on the degradation of our culture. 

            Far from being harmless or inconsequential, this uncleanness is a perverse sign.  People marked for wrath and judgment, in desperation, attempt to strike at God.  Their frustration in not being able to make good their attack is expressed in contemptuous and demeaning activity, usually self-inflicted.  This effort to assail God manifests itself in degrading dress, filthy words, body punctures and other masquerades that distort and disorder.  Left unchecked, this activity will draw down God’s anger in further, more widespread judgments.  Frequently some form of disease or artificial dependency is used to bring just and accelerated resolution.

            By means of this distortion, Christians are blessed to see more clearly the beauty and strength of lawful sex and marriage.  Minds that are tuned to the holy truths of the Bible are built up and expanded to glory in the great prototype of marriage, the reality of the Son of God and His eternal love for His Bride, the Church.




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