A Letter from the Administrator


A Letter from the Administrator

Dear Homeschooling Family,

Homeschooling families are remarkably savvy. They are God's marines who have landed and secured a substantial beachhead in the war with Humanism. Their educational goals are high, but realistic. It is our goal to provide essential answers and unsurpassed products that support and enhance their efforts.

From the beginning we have set ourselves apart from the pack by providing a classical approach to education along with the perspective of strong Reformational theology. This is a bold methodology that generates a robust and durable style for the family's teaching effort.

A child's mind was created by God to assimilate concepts and information in a way that is most effectively facilitated by the classical method. Most aptitudes, personalities and abilities are quickly accommodated by this approach. Coupled with this, a resonant Reformational world view that recognizes the wonderful sovereignty of God in all things enables the child to see more deeply and accurately into history, science, literature and other subjects.

Granted, many Christians are looking for easier, simpler curriculum. Time is short. Energies are limited. Money is a factor. These issues are important, but should not be the primary criteria upon which we make our educational decisions. The rewards of a more thoroughgoing and insightful program cannot be matched. Covenant Home will give you that advantage.

Please take time to browse through our site. I'm sure you will be impressed with what we are offering you and your family. In addition to the over-arching concepts that I've mentioned above, please notice the wealth of ready-to-use test sets/answer keys, Day-by-Day planners, study guides and grade auditing options that are among our most appreciated features. Call us toll-free at 1-800-578-2421 if you have any questions. Our experienced and friendly staff will be ready to help or offer suggestions.


Rev. Dale K. Dykema, Administrator
Covenant Home Curriculum

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