A Well-Tailored Curriculum


A Well-Tailored Curriculum

Particular Needs-Special Challenges
A well-tailored suit is made to fit our curves and to camouflage our bulges so that we strike a fine figure walking down the street. A well-tailored curriculum is carefully constructed to meet the particular requirements of the student and provide special challenges just where needed.

Late Bloomers
Sometimes our children may fall behind in a subject area and not be able to stay on grade level. In this case Covenant Home will assign an appropriate text that will encourage while it helps recover the lost ground.

Early Bloomers
Those who advance in a subject and are able to work beyond their grade level shouldn't be artificially held back. While maintaining good academic balance (we don't want to push them beyond their age and interests) Covenant Home will assign advanced student texts and learning materials that will challenge and reward.

Parental Counsel is Factor One
Two main factors go into the tailoring process. Number one is parent input. Fathers and mothers tell us about the strong and the vulnerable points, the goals and accomplishments of their child. This provides the most important data.

A CHAT Diagnostic Test is Factor Two
The number-two factor comes from our CHAT Diagnostic testing program. Fast test response/evaluation and Covenant Home staff experience are brought together to design a course of study that is right on target.

High School Adjustments
A special feature of CHC Tailoring comes in during the high school, and even junior high years. This has to do with how the student is able to attack algebra, geometry and other subjects. In some cases two years may be necessary to fully complete certain math, science, and history courses. We often make up unique agendas to meet particular needs that young people have while their interests are developing.

Another aspect of tailoring applying to all levels can be called enrichment. For example, a student who loves to read may want additional literature books. A student with intense scientific curiosity may benefit from in-depth technical reading or research materials, etc.

Home Sewn, Hand Stitched
You will probably do a fair amount of tailoring on your own, speeding up or prolonging courses as you see the need, or adding supplementary assignments or special projects as time and energy permit.

Is Tailoring Needed?
Our regular programs are suitably versatile and wonderfully adaptable. You can make fine alterations or add special padding and buttons according to your family's desires and facilities.

All home-schooling parents do some tailoring of curricula. If your child is learning a concept well, you may wish to omit some assignments. If he is struggling in a particular area, you'll want to add assignments.

You can emphasize personal interests while quickly accomplishing areas of lesser interest. At your discretion, you may vary length of papers written, depth of instruction, and complexity of tests.

We recommend Covenant tailoring primarily for students who are seriously behind or significantly ahead in one or more academic areas. The process for determining and ordering is described below.

Are My Children Ready For A Covenant Curriculum?
Certain kinds of schools and home curricula prepare students for Covenant Home enrollment more satisfactorily than do others. If a question exists in your mind, a brief phone call, 800-578-2421, will usually be sufficient to determine the right course of action.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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