A Full Curriculum


A Full Curriculum

Touching all the bases is just as important as using the best books and materials. As we guide and teach our children we must always be certain that every subject and discipline is covered, that our game plan is sound. Teams that win a lot of pennants are able to do so because they are well managed. They have a front office, coaching staff and field manager who plan effectively and execute consistently. That's the way it is with homeschooling too.

With Covenant Home Curriculum you can be confident of your game plan. Your children will score early with a strong, kindergarten through third grade phonics program and a well engineered math course. This will establish effective reading and spelling proficiency, a love for school work and a keen facility in computation skills. Science, history and Bible are taught during these years too, but the overarching emphasis will be on the basics.

Beginning with the middle years Covenant introduces the first full-length classic literature and the study of etymology. This broadens the student's vocabulary and whets the interest in meaningful and worthwhile works of literature. Math is maintained as a strong subject with the option of Saxon for those who find math unusually difficult. Science, history and Bible are now accelerated and deepened. Your child's academic lead will be greatly increased during these innings.

During the junior high and high school years the Covenant Home program rallies even more expansively. History courses, along with CHC history overlays, are a highlight that will give your child a deep grounding and all-encompassing Reformed world view. This understanding of the past, what our sovereign God has done and is doing in the earth and among the nations, will provide a wonderful basis for their personal hope and expectation for their own futures. These are exciting courses.

The use of good literature is expanded to include many of the great works. From the dugout you can make your own calls with regard to how much reading is done, the extent of reporting, writing and tailoring changes. We like to work with our enrolled families and you will appreciate our wise and insightful flexibility. Note-taking and composition skills are developed with a view to preparation for college work and for effective entry into the job market or business world. The program is bolstered by the optional Grade Auditing Service. This outstanding service will provide excellent feed back, record keeping, transcript and diploma provision and a counter-procrastination incentive that you will find invaluable. Covenant's Test Sets are the parent's best friend and head coach rolled into one. These ready-to-use tests, exams and work sheets add considerable depth to the courses and enable you to spend more effective time on the playing field.

Our best recommendation is to buy the Covenant Home Full Curriculum.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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