Covenant Home's Bible Aesthetic

Covenant Home's Bible Aesthetic

A recommendation to stop and "smell the roses" suggests that we should take time for less obvious, but more rewarding details. It means that there is beauty and significance that is rich, if not so apparent, a larger wonder in the reality of God's universe.

An aesthetic expresses just such appreciation for the intrinsic design and engineering with which God has created. Founded on a sense of gratitude, a looking upward with desire to see and hear the harmony of the universe, the sound of the syllables themselves, bring a joy in knowing and a confidence in understanding the true weight of what the Lord God has said and done.

This is the determining concept with which we present the Bible Courses of Covenant Home Curriculum. The works have been selected for their excellent content and for their depth of thought and growth-inspiring qualities. Facts are important, but not alone sufficient. Christians need more than a 1-2-3 plan for feeling better or being good. Children need to be shown that God's Word is far more than a book of anecdotes and allegories. The Bible is the breathed out revelation that God has given of Himself, of His character and His mighty acts. His wonderful sovereignty, justice and grace are defined and illustrated, so that we might bow before His face.

Classical Methodology
Children acquire facts, they memorize efficiently and love the amiability of repetition and practice, packing away data to be later used in the learning curve. Thus, our early courses stress the particulars of Bible characters and history. Here the objective is to establish a foundation and background.

Middle school children begin to see the implication and meaning of the data. They can grasp more detailed accounts and more subtle nuances of interpretation. Questions begin to pop up with increasing force.

Junior and senior high children are getting ready to constructively examine and evaluate what they are being taught. They may have begun to experience the tug of cynicism or the challenge of temptation. Experiencing darkening clouds of doubt and folly that float in with a malignant tide, they sometimes wish to challenge God's sovereignty and revelation.

A valuable and recommended tool of the classical method is the Westminster Shorter Catechism. This document is made up of over one hundred brief outlines of Scriptural truth. These are the answers to the catechism. Each and every answer presents an orderly statement of doctrine. Each is footnoted to specific references of Holy Scripture.

Studies in Church History provide another approach that refreshes investigation and interest. The Bible and the cogent art of Gustov Doré bring a deeper wrinkle to portraying doctrine. God's law is explained in fascinating detail in Rushdoony's Institutes. the variation goes on and on. Spiritual results, of course, are still dependent on the stirring of the Holy Spirit, but there is no reason to despair or to resort to the comic book approach or the common and popular stuff that flies off of all the usual shelves today.

Look for good and exciting results in the Covenant Home Bible aesthetic.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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