Homeschooling With A Reformed Worldview


Homeschooling With A Reformed Worldview

Our world view has a far-reaching impact on our educational philosophy and expectation.

Do you see God’s determining authority as bottom-line, or do you see man and his intellect as ultimate? Does world ownership and rule reside with Christ or with the devil; now or only during some future time? Is history one unified and purposeful current or has it been an abortive series of false starts, with our present age in a somewhat useless or unexpected holding pattern?

What of the Church, the Bride of Christ, the whole company of people for whom Jesus died on the cross and rose again; is she to finally be triumphant and reflect the glory of His grace in history?

Regarding the arts: are they largely futile and meaningless, or do they show forth the glory of God, either by reflection of his beauty and majesty or through pronouncement of self-condemnation when they attempt to deny His law structure?

In addition to these epic philosophical questions, Reformed theology gives the most satisfying answers to some of the more homely inquiries as well. We only mention here the matter of properly dealing with parents. Biblically, father and mother are put in the primary place of responsibility and authority. God made the family this way. We always try to respect this chain of command in course, and work-load decisions, grading, and other evaluations. Our role is essentially that of professional advisor and guide, on-call, not "breathing down your back" with myriad requirements and redundant assignments.

We are extremely amazed with the way the Lord created everything and generally excited with the way parents take seriously the needs of their children. Just as the state should not attempt to usurp this trust, neither do we try to do so. We will assist according to your requests. We will also advise and provide a standard in terms of our experience and professional training.

Rev. Dale K. Dykema

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