Day-by-Day Scheduling Guides

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A scheduling option that Covenant home offers is the complete listing of all courses and assignments on a day-by-day basis. Although the blueprints give you enough information to know how to divide up the textbooks and what to use for tests, some parents like to have the entire year mapped out for them.

The Day-by-Day does this, organizing every course, indicating when to introduce a text and how much to assign in each book. They are constructed on a 36-week academic year. Each week is complete in itself so that you may start with week 1 any time of the year, assigning your own dates. Skipping 1, 2, or 3 weeks at Christmas and New Year or postponing a week or two during illness or traveling is simple and up to you.

Covenant Home Day-by-Days are included in the full curriculum option for Pre-school through 12th grade at no additional cost.

The Day-by-Day tells you exactly what to teach and precisely when to teach it. The order in which books should be used, the frequency of assignments, tests, quizzes, etc., are all shown in perfect detail. Of course, as you get into the swing of things, you will probably make changes and adjustments that suit your family's particular needs. This is expected and room is provided to pencil in all of your own unique ideas.

NOTE:  Day-by-Day Scheduling Guides are included in the full-curriculum option.  A one-subject Day-by-Day, for the appropriate subject, is included with a module purchase.  Day-by-Days are not available for purchase as stand-alone items.

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