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Grade Auditing

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     This unique service is designed to be a support for the family, not as a dictatorial master. We bring to your home many years of education experience with professional advice and reflection. The grade report evaluations themselves show these properties, encouraging artistic sensitivity and family business pursuits, among many other suggestions.

     A specific auditor is assigned to each family that enrolls in the Grade Auditing service. This person may be called during the times designated and will file all the report cards during one academic year. Periodic staff meetings are held in our offices to compare notes and make critiques on this end of the line. An account is maintained of what our families are doing in every area of the curriculum and in extracurricular activities.

     Another feature of Grade Auditing is the implicit power back-up it affords mother and father. Children are clever and sometimes learn very early that there are ways to finesse mom and dad. A bad case of "studyitis" or "procrastinitis" can set in during the doldrums of winter months, and the fever associated with spring, coming inconveniently during the 4th quarter, may prove hard to shake with home remedies. In this situation parents can point to the auditing service schedule as the deciding factor. Appointments must be kept!

     This is a secret, unadvertised benefit. We think this is yet another Covenant Home distinctive which is unique in the homeschooling field. We hope that you appreciate our approach and will apply for enrollment with us today.

     Grade Auditing is an optional service available to families enrolled in the full Covenant Home Curriculum.

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