CoverBrightest Heaven of Invention

Peter Liethart, in this excellent book, shows how Shakespeare was able to see and depict patterns of events and character.  He understood how politics is shaped by the clash of men with various colorings of self-interest and idealism, how violence breeds violence, how fragile human beings create masks and disguises for protection, how schemers do the same for advancement, how love can grow out of hate and hate out of love.

Each chapter of the book is a self-consciously Christian interpretation of one of Shakespeare's plays, organized around one or several main themes.  Within each chapter, there are 4-5 sections that offer a running commentary on the play, showing how the particular themes are developed.  At the end of each of these sections are two sets of questions - review questions primarily for comprehension, and thought questions which require consideration and drawing of conclusions.  Included also are topic suggestions for student writing.

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